Does Google learn from apple to collect tax? It turned out to be a steel plate in India

Although it is absolutely impossible for such a thing to happen in today’s society, it can’t control the hands of some giant companies in the science and technology circle. Apple can become the only oligarch with a market value of more than $1 trillion in the world. Besides apple, the chip giant Qualcomm is also charging similar fees, which is the so-called “high tax”. In a sense, this is a technological variant of the traditional “taking the land as the king and starting from the price”. No wonder the US Congress is taking charge of apple Launch “antitrust” investigation with companies such as Qualcomm – these huge sums of money are not really well received! But after investigation, apple and Qualcomm naturally have ways to continue to charge such fees through their own means. < / P > < p > therefore, as an Android system development enterprise, Google can’t hold its seat now, and it has to start to prepare to charge app developers in Google App mall a “Google tax” of 30% virtual transactions. Android, as the largest market share of mobile phone systems in the world, has a view that if Google collects the money, it is not impossible for Google to surpass apple in market value. < / P > < p > for this point of view, some Chinese netizens are very confused, because we usually use Android phones to download apps that are not Google App Stores. Who does Google collect money from? In fact, it is quite normal for domestic netizens to have such confusion, because after Google chose to withdraw from the Chinese market, Google’s app store could not be installed on Chinese mobile phones, so the apps of Chinese Android users were installed through third-party channels. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?