Does the 5g blessed iPhone 12 smell good?

In the expectation of many netizens, apple 12 officially came into the market. It can be said that this mobile phone has brought great surprise to everyone. Both the configuration and the appearance have been greatly improved on the original basis, and the running speed is much faster than before. The addition of 5g network also adds more selling points to this mobile phone. < / P > < p > first of all, apple 12 inherits the features of Apple 5S, and the outline of right angle edge also adds more solemnity to it. Moreover, for many netizens, apple 5S is always the white moon in our hearts. However, with the continuous replacement of versions, the appearance of mobile phones has also changed greatly. Although the mobile phones now may look more fashionable, they are not Few people still miss the original design of Apple 5S straight corners. It can be said that this apple 12 is very suitable for the psychological needs of such people. < / P > < p > in addition, this mobile phone has many colors. In addition to the classic black-and-white model, it also has blue, green and red for you to choose from. Each of them is very beautiful. The weight of this mobile phone is only 162 grams. It is very light to hold in the hand, which is very suitable for girls. You should know that the current mobile phone is very heavy when it is held, while the weight of Apple 12 is numerous The mobile phone is absolutely portable. Next, let’s talk about the configuration. A14 bionic processor has a new generation of 16 core neural network engine designed by apple, which can handle 11 trillion operations per second, which is several times of the previous processor. It can meet the needs of netizens more quickly. In addition, it has replaced the 5g network chip. As we all know, the biggest highlight of 5g network publicity is its fast speed. It only takes one second to download hundreds of megabytes of movies. This is absolutely not an exaggeration. In the future, in the era of 5g, people who watch movies will never get stuck. < / P > < p > of course, some people will say that 5g network fee traffic must be very expensive to use. In fact, it is not. All major operators have offered 5g packages, and the price is absolutely favorable. Even the student party can easily own it. The last thing to say is the price. Maybe compared with apple 11, the price of Apple 12 is relatively expensive, but this is understandable. After all, the mobile phone has added 5g network. Although the price is high, the performance price ratio is quite good. Skip to content