Does the iPhone 12 really smell good? No, Wang Shouyi said 13 incense

Editor’s note: there is only one day before the release of the iPhone 12. However, this generation of iPhone series products can be regarded as the worst secret products in history. Even some bloggers have said that they have seen the video, and the iPhone 12 is nothing new. But after all, no one can guarantee that the innovation of iPhone will come suddenly before the big curtain is unveiled. It can only be said roughly There is no amazing innovation in the rate, so forget 12, because Wang Shouyi said 13 incense! < / P > < p > iPhone 12 related news has revealed enough, for example, the appearance design returns to the sharp design of iPhone4 series, or returns to the design style of the parent company’s hammer technology, and the bangs will become smaller! And the style will reach the most in history. Mini version, Standard Version, Pro version and promax version have appeared. The screen is currently the best screen of Samsung. In terms of photographing, it is consistent with the iPhone 11 series, which is wide angle + ultra wide angle. The Pro Series is wide angle + ultra wide angle + ultra long focus. It is also equipped with radar sensor. Therefore, 4 ~ 5 times optical zoom and radar lens, as well as the main camera bottom on promax version, are the biggest upgrade and innovation! < / P > < p > for other people, such as chargers and headphones, the charging power will be upgraded to 20W, but users need to purchase a charger separately, and the wireless charging power will be upgraded to 15W. However, the battery capacity will further decline. The iPhone 12 battery capacity is 2227mah, the iPhone 12 Max battery capacity is 2775mah, and the iPhone 12 Pro battery capacity is 2815ma. Because Apple doesn’t have a 90 / 120Hz refresh rate, it won’t last long if it’s only used under high brushes. If it’s 5g, the battery can last half a day at most! < / P > < p > so the biggest highlight of this generation of iPhone is actually the 5g baseband of Qualcomm, and the signal strength that can reach the average level. You can hear it correctly. The iPhone is likely to reach the average signal level of a smart phone, so long as it is placed on apple, it is so incredible! < / P > < p > according to Wang Shouyi, the seasoning king, you’d better break up. Don’t worry about the iPhone 12, wait for 13 directly, because 13 is really fragrant! The iPhone 13 may be the technology product that more people dream of. In addition to the hardware innovation, it is possible to achieve the true full screen of iPhone level in terms of appearance. We have been looking forward to and curious about Apple’s solution to the true full screen. After all, even for the full screen of bangs, Apple’s design method is more exquisite than other Android products! < / P > < p > according to the information disclosed at present, the first thing to change for the iPhone 13 is the bangs full screen. You should know that this design of bangs has been used for four years from the iPhone x to this generation of iphone12. You should change it! Previously, ZTE has released a mass production version of its off screen camera products, and Xiaomi has also disclosed its own technology, indicating that in 2021, this technology will mature, and with Apple’s support, it may grow rapidly, just like Samsung’s AMOLED screen! < / P > < p > at present, there are basically three solutions. One is the middle punching technology similar to Samsung, and the diameter of the hole is likely to be less than 3mm. Of course, Apple’s face ID technology will be completely farewell, and it will be possible to adopt the upgraded ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology. The other scheme is the off screen camera, which is more perfect than ZTE’s scheme. For example, the screen in the camera area is consistent with the whole, and the light transmission is also stronger. We are looking forward to Apple’s promotion of this technology! The third one is to work hard on the design. We know that there is still a distance between the upper and lower frames of the iPhone. Whether we can extend the length of the frame and put a series of sensors in it, this solution is probably the easiest to implement, but it will not be the ultimate innovation. < / P > < p > in addition to the full screen design, the screen will definitely be upgraded to 120Hz. The screen specifications, such as color gamut, and resolution, will once again improve the user experience, while the processor specifications may be further upgraded. For example, TSMC can break through the 3-nanometer process, even though the chip performance has entered the bottleneck stage at present! < / P > < p > in terms of photographing, iPhone is very likely to give up the 12 megapixel sensor that has been used for many years and upgrade it to 48 million or 64 million. In addition to the main camera, the auxiliary lens may be further improved. For example, the ultra long focus lens is expected to fully enter the 5-fold optical zoom, and the radar lens will also play a more important role! < / P > < p > as for battery capacity and charging specifications, this is not good. After all, iPhone has been making slow progress in these items, but the battery capacity is likely to be solved. After all, after iPhone 12, Apple will understand that 2800 MAH battery is not enough in 5g era. Therefore, if the battery of iPhone series can be upgraded to 3500 Ma, it can be reused As for the charging power, there should be no big problem with 20W fast charging to cope with 3500 Ma, but if Apple can increase it to 40W or even higher, it will greatly improve the user experience! < / P > < p > Yes, the development speed of smart phones is far beyond our imagination. With the fastest speed, it moves into a strong hardware level. For example, at the processor level, 5-nanometer chips have become mass production products, and TSMC is still in PR of 3 nm. Compared with PC, Intel is still exploring at 10 nm. Of course, it is not that the processor performance under x86 is not bad, but the progress of technology reflects the hot degree of an industry and the development prospect! < / P > < p > in addition to the core components, in terms of appearance design, screen quality and camera, the range of upgrade is not large. Even at the system level, the IOS that used to hang Android is becoming less and more tasteless, and Android is catching up gradually, and everything seems to be in a stable period! As strong as apple, it seems that it can’t make innovation in some aspects, or the iPhone is powerless and can only maximize commercialization! < / P > < p > therefore, with the development in the future, every company is repairing and repairing, and the advantages of iPhone are gradually eroded. If Google takes back the control of Android, establishes strict regulations as the app store, and strives to improve the ecology of Android, I’m afraid the advantages of IOS will be wiped out! 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