Does the price of the iPhone 12 remain unchanged? Maybe I think too much. Foreign media said that the price should be increased by at least $100

Prior to this, many news disclosed in advance said that although the cost of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 increased, the price remained unchanged in the original pricing system, that is, it was basically consistent with the iPhone 11. Even the analysis and research paper published by Guo Mingji. However, the latest news also said that although the iPhone 12 doesn’t come with headphones and chargers, the price of the iPhone 12 has gone up by no less than $100. < p > < p > as we all know, Apple’s iPhone 11 sales in the Chinese market is good, and its share has increased a lot. However, the hot selling of iPhone 11 is that the price has been greatly relaxed. With the promotion of e-commerce platform, the price of iPhone 11 has a certain “Deviation” from that of domestic mobile phone manufacturers’ flagship products, because the price of the latter is higher than that of iPhone 11, which also makes some users sell iPhone 11 one after another.

this year, novel coronavirus pneumonia brought about a global economic downturn, and the consumer market also suffered a certain impact. The Chinese market is the first to be controlled, the pace of economic restart is very fast, and the market consumption recovery ability is also quite strong. In a certain period of time in the future, the consumption capacity of China’s market is undoubtedly the top priority. < / P > < p > one of Apple’s iPhone 12 market priorities in the future is undoubtedly the Chinese market, and the price is naturally a very important link. The original message from Apple was that even though the cost of Apple’s iPhone 12 increased a lot after loading 5g, in order to stimulate consumption, apple still maintained the price strategy of the iPhone 11 era. However, in order to reduce costs, Apple has cut back on its accessories. Chargers and headphones are cut items, leaving only one charging line. However, even so, Apple may have broken its promise this time. Because some foreign media reported that although Apple tried its best to control and reduce costs, it made a certain reduction in the selection of new machine parts. But even so, the price of the iPhone 12 is going up. According to foreign media reports, due to the increased cost of iPhone 12 due to the support of 5g network, Apple will not provide earphones and chargers for the new device in order to reduce the corresponding costs. However, after these measures, the new machine may still face the measures of increasing the price of $100. < / P > < p > according to the report, the cost of each iPhone 12 supporting sub-6ghz 5g is about $75, and that of supporting mmwave 5g is about $125. If you add in some upgrade costs for new 5g network machines, this year’s iPhone 12 will be at least 30% more expensive than last year’s iPhone 11. < p > < p > < p > Apple cancelled the extra headset for the new machine, but also hoped that users could buy their own airpods Pro products, so that they could get some profits. And the airpods line of products has helped Apple make a lot of money. Making money in accessories and service providers has become another way for apple to make money. < / P > < p > of course, the iPhone 11 will be cheaper after Apple introduces the iPhone 12, and Apple may make profits on the old model again, so as to maintain a continuous upward opportunity in the market share. Moreover, Huawei’s future “fate” in the mobile phone market will become confusing as Huawei is under the pressure of continuous upgrading by the US government. If Huawei’s market share declines, or even goes back 10000 steps, its survival will be problematic. Apple is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiary, not only in the Chinese market, but also in overseas markets. Huawei’s “exit” space will be the best time for apple to be included in the bag. < p > < p > according to foreign media reports, Apple will significantly reduce the price of iPhone 11 shortly after the release of the iPhone 12 series. The price reduction of iPhone 11 will mean that Apple will have a unified choice of iPhones sold around the world, and a lower price will also help it seize market share. Morgan Stanley even predicted that more than 68% of the iPhones in the Chinese market have been in use for at least two years due to the “significant possibility of iPhone replacement” in the Chinese market. Therefore, there is a potential desire to change planes. If there is a wave of phone changes, the growth rate of iPhone shipments will accelerate significantly in fiscal year 2021. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year