Does the U.S. stop tiktok mean that China is in a leading position in the Internet technology industry

Recently, the United States blocked tiktok, but Microsoft actively sought to recover tiktok. Facebook, the larger social network in the United States, rushed to release videos similar to tiktok using instagram reels. This shows that China has won the leading edge in the high-tech level of Internet technology, and it is also coping with the anxiety of American Internet companies caused by China’s leading position. < p > < p > the development of high-tech Internet technology in China has imitated that of American enterprises. Many entrepreneurs of Internet companies draw design inspiration from the development of American Internet technology, and then create similar Internet technology application in China. In order to track the new high-tech Internet technology in the United States, Internet companies usually set up R & D centers in the United States. At which time, this is also the choice of Internet companies. After all, China, as a lucky place, has to learn and train the United States in the high-tech level. However, in recent years, China’s Internet technology and high-tech technology are now at the forefront of foreign countries. < / P > < p > a more significant example is China’s mobile payment technology. In the world market, China’s mobile payment technology is more perfect and has the largest popularization level. As a result, foreign tourists come to China to play and are surprised by the daily consumption activities such as food, clothing, housing and transportation handled by a mobile phone in China. < / P > < p > China’s takeout service is also at the leading level in the world. The highly perfect delivery service makes many customers enjoy various delicacies at home or in the company office with a little light touch. What’s more, due to the relatively developed delivery service, instant noodles, a kind of fast food, once showed signs of shrinking in the Chinese market. < p > < p > at that time, China’s e-commerce services were learned through the United States, but Chinese e-commerce enterprises quickly leaped across the United States. China’s e-commerce had completed the same day delivery a long time ago. However, Amazon, the largest e-commerce company in the United States in recent years, took the same day delivery service as the most important technical innovation to publicize and plan. This shows the e-commerce service in the United States As a matter of fact, Wu has already lagged behind China. < / P > < p > China’s high-tech Internet technology can gain the influence of latecomers, which is inseparable from the fact that China’s mobile communication technology service technology is ahead of the United States. China’s 4G Internet is the most complete mobile communication technology Internet in the world. China has completed 40% of the total number of 4G base stations in the world. There are also 4G data signals in the countryside. However, the 4G Internet has not been completely covered in the cities of the United States, and the coverage of 4G Internet in rural areas is also lacking. China every kind of tiktok tiktok has been developing into the most developed mobile Internet in the world. With the help of the more developed mobile Internet, China’s mobile Internet has been developing rapidly, and various applications have been springing up. Finally, the use of such short videos as loud and short is widely welcomed by customers. Then, the 4G TikTok is opened overseas.

It started to enter the foreign market and developed more than 800 million customers in a short period of four years, becoming the first Internet company to achieve great achievements in the foreign market. < / P > < p > the rapid development of tiktok in the world market has made Facebook, a competitor of the United States, realize that it has come to weixie, which has caused the United States to block tiktok. However, Facebook has taken the opportunity to promote itself to follow the example of tiktok and release instagram reels. Since the Internet imitated the United States earlier, now the IT industry in the United States has really felt the threat of the Internet, which undoubtedly means that China is on the Internet Great progress in high and new technology. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?