Domestic high-end mobile phones appear a new dark horse, the starting price is 5299 yuan, and the number of appointments exceeds 27000

In recent years, domestic mobile phone brands have begun to attack the high-end market. Huawei and Yijia have successfully established their foothold. The former has won the favor of consumers with mate series and P series, while the latter only makes high-quality products to shine in overseas markets. However, after Huawei and the first Canada, domestic high-end mobile phones appear new dark horse. This black horse is Xiaomi’s mobile phone. Since its establishment, Xiaomi, which has always taken the route of high cost performance, has finally entered the high-end market at the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi’s founding in 2020. In the first half of the year, after two models of Xiaomi series had a good response, Xiaomi launched Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version, with the starting price of 5299 yuan. < / P > < p > the price of Xiaomi 10 premium commemorative edition is indeed in line with its high-end positioning and is more expensive than any previous Xiaomi digital series model. But even if the starting price reaches 5299 yuan, the number of appointments for Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition still exceeds 27000. This achievement is really brilliant, and Lei Jun has made a good start. As a gift for Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition can be regarded as the carrier of Xiaomi’s muscle show, carrying the most top configuration of Xiaomi at present. In terms of appearance design, Xiaomi adopts the most classic technology in the past ten years, including the bright silver technology of Xiaomi 6, the transparent back cover of Xiaomi 8 and the exquisite ceramic technology. < / P > < p > with four curved glass fuselage, Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative edition has a new height. On the front of the fuselage, the screen of Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative edition is still designed for digging holes, but the quality of the screen is significantly improved compared with the Xiaomi 10 series released in the first half of the year. This is a native 10bit screen with more rich and delicate color display. < / P > < p > What’s more, the screen refresh rate of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition has been increased to 120Hz, and the corresponding touch sampling rate has also been upgraded to 240Hz, which can not only effectively reduce the picture tearing during the game, but also respond to the touch action in the first time. In addition, with the MEMC motion compensation technology, it can bring a more fluent picture impression. < / P > < p > on the post imaging system, although the Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition does not continue to be the main camera with 108 million pixels, it has customized a 48 million pixel super pixel sensor with a 1 / 1.32 inch bottom. The secondary lens is composed of periscope super long focal lens supporting 120 times digital zoom, 128 ° ultra wide angle lens and 2 times optical zoom portrait lens. < / P > < p > such a luxurious camera configuration will surely help Xiaomi 10 to reach the top of DxO mark again. In addition, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition also has hardware dual native ISO fusion and single frame progressive HDR. The actual photo taking experience is worth looking forward to. In the core configuration, the machine still carries the snapdragon 865 chip, but runs more than 640000 points. < / P > < p > in addition, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition also uses 120W wired fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging. Among them, 120W fast charging can fully charge 4500mAh battery in 23 minutes. On the whole, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is impeccable and worthy of the starting price of 5299 yuan. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing