Domestic memory particles breakthrough, another domestic memory module released, pinduoduo will roll over?

In recent years, the domestic semiconductor industry, both chip technology and storage particles, has been monopolized by several foreign oligarchs. For example, in terms of mobile phone chips, Huawei Hisilicon, which is the only one in China to develop high-end flagship chips as well as Qualcomm apple, has been stuck because of the United States’ restrictions. In terms of memory particles, Samsung, Samsung, and Hynix and the US magnesium industry firmly grasp this market, have absolute right to speak, price fluctuation and let several big brands has the final say. < / P > < p > of course, with the joint efforts of the domestic semiconductor industry, such a situation will certainly change in the future. Such a change will take the lead in the storage field. Changxin storage has launched the first domestic DDR4 memory chip particle, which directly breaks the monopoly of foreign companies such as Samsung, SK Hynix and MgO technology. < / P > < p > previously, the memory module equipped with Changxin, a domestic core particle, was also put on the market, with good performance in terms of price and performance; recently, another memory module carrying Changxin domestic particles, Leichi memory module pinduoduo, was launched online. Recently, I started two 8g flash DDR4 3000 memory modules, and I had a little experience on the computer. < / P > < p > as a Chinese core memory module, naturally, the packaging should conform to our traditional characteristics. The outer packaging of Leichi DDR4 3000 memory module can be described as red and red, with the theme color of red and gold matching each other. The background is the totem of the traditional Chinese mascot Dragon. The words “Lei Chi” in vertical arrangement look glittering and have Chinese traditional charm. < / P > < p > a small window is opened on the back of the package to see the products in the inner package. In addition, the package also briefly introduces the brand of Leichi. Leichi Leo rice was founded in 2019, adhering to the principle of “national storage, security and independence”. The storage products are manufactured with pure domestic solutions, so as to create domestic storage products with high cost performance and safety. < / P > < p > this memory module does not adopt the current popular vest strip design in the DIY market, but uses the common bare strip design. There is no difference in performance between the two. In my opinion, the general memory module has higher cost performance and is easier to open the market. < / P > < p > < p > the flash DDR4 3000 memory module is designed with 8 single-sided particles and 8-layer PCB. It is produced by Changxin storage with 1 x nanometer level DDR4 particles. It has good reliability and compatibility, and can be applied to both Intel and AMD platforms. If you zoom in on the memory module, you can see the words “game” 2030, which should be Changxin’s memory particles. < / P > < p > the platform is Intel i5-10400 chip + ASUS z460 heavy artillery hand, without graphics card. This motherboard supports DDR 4 up to 2800hz, and inserts memory module to form a dual channel, which can light up and enter the system at one time. < / P > < p > next, switch to Gigabyte z490g2 co branded version and Intel i7-10700k chip, which can also be turned on normally, turn on XMP, and then jump to 3000hz, then turn on the power on to enter the system, proving that this memory can still exceed. In addition, I saw that some friends succeeded in exceeding 3500 / 3600, but I didn’t try. There was no need to be so high. I was afraid it would be super bad. < / P > < p > in addition, the memory reading speed has also been improved a lot. The reading speed is 43345 at 3000hz, 37318 at 433442666hz and 37137 at 37137. < / P > < p > as a pure domestic memory module, foreign brands occupy a large market share. Only by virtue of excellent performance price ratio can they stand the test of the market. Obviously, the performance of redch DDR4 3000 memory module is very good in terms of cost performance. It is also expected that more memory module products carrying domestic particles will appear to break the monopoly of foreign oligarchs. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing