Domestic mobile phone boss born: nearly 50% market share, Xiaomi ov is still inferior to it!

The great waves are scouring the sand, and the wheel of history is always rolling forward. Looking back on the past decade of China’s smart phone market, from the end of Nokia’s Arcade era to the change of Samsung’s Dynasty, we have ushered in the glory of domestic brands. First, Xiaomi’s rapid rise, and then by Huawei ruthlessly overtake, the domestic mobile phone brand leader’s throne finally temporarily stabilized.

according to the latest report of counterpoint, a well-known market research organization, in Q2 of 2020, Huawei successfully achieved the highest proportion of mobile phone market share in China’s history, as high as 46%. Compared with that, the market share of vivo brand, which ranked second in the same period, accounted for only 16%. The gap between the two sides is like a big river and a stream.

not only that, oppo in the third place accounts for 15% of the market share, and Xiaomi, the fourth place, accounts for 9%. Even if the market share of the latter three is added together, it still can’t surpass Huawei. Therefore, it can be said that Huawei is the only one in the first echelon of China’s smartphone market, and its leading edge is very stable. It is estimated that it will not be for a long time to come Change.

in addition, China’s 5g smart phone market has also been very consolidated. Huawei, oppo, vivo and Xiaomi jointly occupy 96% of the market share, and the “head manufacturer” pattern is very obvious. Huawei’s 5g smartphone sales accounted for 60% of the total, and continued to stand out among the rest.

counterpoint said that Huawei is still the best performing company in China’s smartphone market. Although the growth of the whole market has slowed down this year, Huawei has still achieved a year-on-year growth of 14%. Facing the difficult predicament of being forced to lose Google’s GMS service in overseas markets, the Chinese market has become the top priority of Huawei.

according to the analysis of the domestic smartphone market in Q2, only Huawei and apple achieved positive growth. Among them, Apple was the fastest growing mobile phone brand in the Chinese market in this quarter, and the direct reason was the sharp price reduction of the official iPhone. The iPhone is still the first choice for many people to buy.

in order to cope with the sales decline in recent years and the pressure caused by Android rivals, apple is changing its arrogance. In addition to the conscientious pricing on the iPhone 11, Apple also launched the lower price iPhone se 2020 this year, which quickly became one of the three best-selling iPhones in the world in Q2, and was loved by many consumers.

in addition to Huawei and apple, the rest of the top mobile phone brands have suffered a very serious decline in sales. Compared with the same period last year, the sales of vivo mobile phones decreased by 29%, oppo dropped by 31%, Xiaomi was the worst, with a year-on-year drop of 35%. This is also related to their distribution in Southeast Asia and other overseas regions. These markets have been severely affected by the new coronavirus.

after this battle, Huawei has no doubt firmly established its position as the leader of domestic mobile phone market and domestic mobile phone brand. If the overseas market can return to the normal operation state in previous years, Huawei’s wish to surpass Samsung to become the world’s largest smartphone shipment is also very likely to be realized. Do you think so?

Author: zmhuaxia