Domestic screen manufacturers rise, LCD screen fingerprint identification technology new breakthrough, netizens: like

As we all know, mobile phone screens can be roughly divided into two types, one is LCD, the other is OLED. Their manufacturing process and characteristics are different. According to the current industry trend, flagship models generally use OLED screens. Of course, the iPhone 11 is an exception, because it’s not a flagship in Apple’s own positioning. In addition to the cost and display effect, there is also a very important reason that LCD screen could not be equipped with screen fingerprint identification technology under the technical conditions at that time, and the screen fingerprint identification technology was the standard configuration of flagship machines in the era of full screen, so most manufacturers would still use OLED screen. However, according to the digital chat station, at present, several screen manufacturers have been developing LCD screen fingerprint identification solutions. What he posted on his microblog is the LCD screen fingerprint design scheme of screen manufacturer Tianma. From the current point of view, the problem between LCD screen and screen fingerprint has been solved technically, and it is believed that it will be commercially available soon, Maybe it’s still used in mid-range or even 100 yuan machines, because now it’s hard to configure LCD screens on flagship models. After all, in the 5g era, mobile phone configuration should be developed in an all-round way. With the high price of mobile phones, the configuration should be better for users. < / P > < p > Tianma’s LCD screen fingerprint scheme supports full screen multi finger identification, that is to say, the fingerprint unlocking area in the touch area will be larger, which is more convenient for users to unlock without having to find the exact location every time, so the efficiency will be improved. < / P > < p > so the question is, if a flagship model adopts this LCD screen fingerprint scheme, will you pay for the LCD screen? LCD never slave netizens, dry up! Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer