Don’t be a “bow head” driver and give your mobile phone a “vacation”

Watch the circle of friends, brush short videos, order takeout With more and more functions of mobile phones, there are more and more “bow heads” on the street. Some people even play with mobile phones in the process of driving and riding motorcycles. Nowadays, people are more and more dependent on mobile phones. Many people are looking at mobile phones when they are walking, eating or driving. When we put our eyes and attention on the mobile phones, the oncoming danger is often ignored. Driving “low head group” is on the rise, there are hidden dangers of traffic safety. So don’t drive as a “bow down” and be a civilized and standardized citizen. < / P > < p > “the risk factor of looking down at a mobile phone while driving is far higher than that of making a phone call, or even drunk driving.” A traffic policeman chatted with reporters about the topic of “drivers bow their heads”. He said that looking at mobile phones in the car will cause the driver’s attention to be distracted and hinder their observation of the road conditions and surrounding environment, and the judgment of vehicle direction and distance is also prone to errors. “< p > < p > citizen Li Yongsheng said:” I usually have the problem of looking at my mobile phone when I’m driving. I usually take my mobile phone out when I’m waiting for a red light and reply to wechat. But sometimes, wechat reply to half of the green light, anyway, when the car starts the speed is slow, will take advantage of this time to reply quickly. ” < / P > < p > “if there is a traffic jam and the speed is very slow, the driver is basically either making a phone call or looking at his mobile phone.” Wang Meng, an old driver with more than 20 years of driving experience, said that he would look at his mobile phone when driving and almost had an accident. At that time, he was waiting for the red light. After the car stopped, he began to read wechat. He didn’t even know that the green light was on, until the driver honked his horn. When he responded, he threw away his mobile phone and started, because he kept looking down and didn’t see the road conditions, and almost collided with the vehicles in the lane next to him. Because of this experience, he used to “quit” his cell phone for a while while driving, but he didn’t succeed completely. Sun Weiliang, a traffic police officer of wanxincun brigade, said: “it is common to see the phenomenon of looking at mobile phones and making phone calls during the process of duty. If it is not for the snapshot probe to capture the illegal behaviors, it is very difficult for us to persuade or punish the driving drivers.” With the development of the Internet economy, new occupations such as takeaway rider and didi driver have been born, which further increases the number of “bow headed” groups. “I often see takeaway riders riding motorcycles and electric bikes at a high speed, and then look at their mobile phones to receive orders. Obviously, in their consciousness, the “order” in the mobile phone is more important, and their safety awareness is very weak. ” < / P > < p > “according to the speed of 60 km / h, the vehicle will drive blind for about 16 meters in one second. If there is an emergency, there is no time and safe distance to take emergency measures, and then cause an accident.” The traffic police showed a group of data to the reporter: when the speed is 40km / h, it takes 2 seconds to look down at wechat, and the distance ahead of the vehicle can reach more than 20 meters; at the speed of 60 km / h, it takes 33.4 meters in 2 seconds. In this distance, the driver does not look at the road, and “closed eyes driving” is no different. < / P > < p > in recent years, there has been an increasing trend in traffic accidents caused by drivers using mobile phones while driving, such as scratching and rear end collision, as well as injuries caused by accidents that cannot be avoided. However, when there is a real accident, the driver never admits that it is because he looks down at his mobile phone while driving. “In this regard, we have no better way to determine who is responsible, which increases the difficulty of accident identification.” A traffic policeman said helplessly. “For the sake of personal safety of oneself and others, and abiding by traffic rules, driving must not be a” bow head race. “. If you encounter an important call while driving, you can ask other passengers on the bus to answer the call, or pull over at the section where parking is allowed, and then use the phone. ” Sun Weiliang said. < / P > < p > in recent years, the traffic accidents caused by watching mobile phones are on the rise due to the lack of traffic awareness and safety awareness. There is no need to say that when making a phone call, some people will send and receive text messages, brush microblogs, browse the circle of friends, watch videos, and play mahjong with their mobile phones. Safety is no small matter. If there is no road traffic accident, it will happen in an instant. There is no time for the parties to respond. When driving, you should keep your concentration throughout the journey, and you can’t play with your mobile phone when waiting for the traffic lights. In the current situation of increasing traffic flow and increasing importance of traffic safety, this should gradually become a new consensus and follow. Road traffic safety needs daily publicity and education in advance and legal punishment afterwards. Driving and playing with mobile phones is “playing with life”, and its behavior is even more dangerous than drunk driving and drug driving. For the personal safety of yourself and others, please abide by the traffic rules and refuse “bow head clan”. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine