Don’t be a partial graduate student! This mobile phone makes up for the short board and is full of materials. It is a stable “bucket flagship machine”

In the mobile phone market, iqoo brand is definitely a dark horse. It has not been two years since it was founded. However, the online market is extremely hot, attracting many users’ attention. As for why this brand can develop at such a fast speed, Xiaobian thinks there are two main reasons: the first is that iqoo relies on a big tree to enjoy the cool, and vivo is a big tree, so the production, after-sales and publicity are not a problem; the second point is that every mobile phone released by iqoo is conscientious, has a clear positioning, and the release rhythm is relatively fast, so new machines are introduced from time to time Keep it hot. Recently, iqoo released a flagship iqoo 5 pro, which will go on sale on September 10. It is very different from the previous products. It is also the most powerful product of this brand since its establishment. Even Xiaobian once suspected that this mobile phone would not steal the spotlight of vivo, the main brand? As you know, iqoo 5 Pro launched vivo’s 120W flash charging technology, and co branded with BMW. It can be said that the iqoo 5 Pro is full of talents! Originally, in the imagination of Xiaobian, both of them should be handed over to nex series. Because iqoo series is cost-effective, suddenly playing such a high-end game makes people a little unaccustomed. < / P > < p > before iqoo 5 pro, iqoo series mobile phones were mainly characterized by high cost performance and good game experience. However, this mobile phone has changed its previous style and started to hit the high-end market. Due to the relationship between the appearance of the 4998 version and BMW’s legendary color, the price of the 4998 version is in cooperation with BMW. Compared with the price of the Lamborghini version and the Porsche version of our friends, the price is too much for conscience. < / P > < p > in terms of configuration, iqoo 5 Pro uses the most top-level snapdragon 865 processor, UFS 3.1 and lpddr5 have not fallen behind, so there is no need to worry about the performance. In terms of taking photos, the idea that this mobile phone can take pictures before it changes is directly used with vivo X50 For Samsung gn1 sensor of the same level in Pro, the pixels of three cameras are 5000 + 1300 + 1300; in terms of sound quality, hifi and dual speakers are of course also available; in terms of screen, it uses 120Hz Samsung OLED curved screen, which is said to be a customized screen, and the display effect is very good. In terms of functions, there are dual WiFi acceleration, game keyboard mode and so on. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the 120W flash charge is still the most worth mentioning. You should know that the flash charge of the mobile phone before Aiku is 55W, but this time it is doubled. The whole cell phone battery can be fully charged in 15 minutes and half in 5 minutes. With such a fast charging speed, we don’t have to worry about the battery life. For patients with “battery anxiety”, this is definitely a blessing. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally