Don’t be afraid of cell phone without power any more! The mobile phone with 10000 Ma super large battery is coming. It will be standby for 7 days

5g mobile phones generally use more than 4000 MAH batteries because of their high power consumption. Some mobile phones use 5000 MAH batteries. ASUS Rog game phone 3 has a built-in 6000 MAH battery. However, a large battery does not mean a long standby time. If the optimization is not in place, that is, one day, if you play games again, the waiting time will be shorter. < / P > < p > at last year’s mwc2019 conference, battery manufacturers vigorously launched a smart phone with a built-in 18000mah battery capacity, just to meet the design of long-term standby. Unfortunately, this mobile phone is thick and heavy, just like holding a brick, so it has no practical value at all. Of course, battery manufacturers have launched such mobile phones just to show off their technical strength and have no plans to go on the market. < / P > < p > but large batteries are just needed. With the same configuration and performance, you will definitely give priority to smart phones with larger battery capacity. Xiaomi has suffered from the loss of small batteries. The Xiaomi 9 released in 2019 has a battery capacity of only 3300mah, which can only be used for one day under normal circumstances. If you play games and chat, it will not last for a day. This is still a new machine. If it is used for a period of time, it is even more worrying. So the mobile phone was abandoned soon after it came into the market and became the digital flagship of Xiaomi with the shortest life span. With the lesson of Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi 10 series has made great efforts in battery capacity. Xiaomi 10 has built-in 4780mah battery, and Xiaomi 10 Pro has built-in 4500mAh battery. Even if the optimization of such a large battery is poor, there is no need to worry about the battery life. Oppo’s flagship mobile phones pursue thinness. The battery capacity of oppo find x2 series and oppo ACE2 series is smaller than that of Xiaomi 10 series, so they are not as good as Xiaomi 10. < / P > < p > large battery has become the first consideration when users purchase mobile phones. In order to meet this requirement, Jinli recently launched a mobile phone with a built-in 10000mah large battery, which can be used for two or three days under normal conditions, and up to seven days if the standby time is saved. This mobile phone also has a remarkable feature: Although the battery capacity is large, the weight is only 305g, which is only dozens of grams heavier than the 5g mobile phone with half a kilogram. The price is not expensive, only 1399 yuan.

mobile phone is Gionee mobile phone manufacturer. Liu Tao and Joker Xue are both spokesmen of Jinli. They say that they used Jinli mobile phones last year. However, at this time, Jinli is no longer comparable to the past. When the full screen smart phone was just emerging in 2017, Jinli released 8 full screen smart phones at one go and signed several spokesmen. Unfortunately, economic problems subsequently broke out. Now, Jinli is mainly composed of former Jinli employees. This year, a number of low-end mobile phones have been launched. This model of Jinli M30 is also a low-end mobile phone, with a price of 1399 Yuan. The configuration is not high. It adopts a 6-inch symmetrical LCD full-scale screen, a rear fingerprint identification device, and a MediaTek P60 processor. < p > < p > MediaTek P60 is a processor launched in 2018, which adopts A73 + A53 architecture. It is a competitor of Qualcomm snapdragon 660, and its performance is not bad. Unfortunately, it is 2020, not to mention the snapdragon 660, even the snapdragon 730g has been eliminated, and the United Development Technology P60 has been unable to meet the demand. To put it bluntly, Jinli M30 is a clear inventory of mobile phones, through this way, Jinli’s inventory will be emptied and funds will be recovered. But it can’t be said that the P60 is worthless. At least, it has low power consumption and is helpful for battery life. It is not exaggeration to stand by for one week. < / P > < p > the performance of the camera can only be said to be average, with 8 million pixels in front and 16 million pixels in the rear. That is to say, in addition to the advantages of the battery, this mobile phone can make do with other aspects. However, the design of Jinli M30 is still very distinctive. The V-shaped design is adopted at the top and bottom, and the camera module on the back is extremely exaggerated, just like the Jinli version of 8848 mobile phone. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?