Don’t be stubborn! Huawei mobile phone has not surpassed the biggest pain point of iPhone

Is Huawei mobile phone good? What about the iPhone? In the eyes of different people, there are different understandings. Some people say that Huawei’s mobile phone is invincible in terms of photo taking. Some people will say that Huawei’s mobile phone is invincible in terms of service life, but as a senior editor with “mobile phone disease”, we should not make a conclusion from a single point to evaluate whether a mobile phone is good or not. Just like a student with a full score in mathematics, and the other subjects are at the bottom of the table, then the comprehensive assessment of this student will not be very good. So we need to analyze things comprehensively. So in my opinion, although Huawei mobile phones have a high voice, they are all viewed from a single parameter, which is not enough to prove that Huawei phones are better than iPhones. < / P > < p > you should know that in the field of smart phones, iPhone and Android share the world, but Android and iPhone are the only ones. The Android camp needs to divide a lot of brands, because many factors make Huawei mobile phone the number one in the Android camp. So far, Huawei’s mobile phone has a lot of features, which are far ahead of the iPhone. However, Huawei’s mobile phone is still in the minds of users It’s no match for the iPhone. Fans from both sides also have a heated debate on whether Huawei’s mobile phone is better than iPhone? In my opinion, Huawei’s mobile phone development for another ten years will not be as good as the iPhone, unless, of course, the production of the iPhone stops. There is no need to argue. Let me take my time. As we all know, camera is the main feature of Huawei mobile phone, but the investment of iPhone on camera is no worse than that of Huawei mobile phone. For example, this flash lamp can not be built and compared with Huawei mobile phone at present. Some people may think that a broken flash is just to provide light when taking pictures in a dark environment? If you think so, it’s a big mistake. The technology content is no worse than Huawei’s 5000 pixel camera. Apple added dual LED true in the iPhone 5S era Tone flash, cancel the white flash before. If you observe carefully, you will find that when the iPhone finishes taking photos, his light will repeatedly flash for several times, and the color temperature in the last flash is completely different from the previous one. < / P > < p > can you see the difference between the two photos? Although Huawei’s mobile phone is also a dual color warm flash, it’s just a simple follow-up to the iPhone. He doesn’t know what Apple’s intention and the logic behind it are. And that’s why, even with the same features, iPhone photos are more realistic. Xiaobian guesses that the two kinds of flash will emit two different kinds of light to neutralize, and the resultant image is closer to the real color, which Huawei mobile phone can’t do at all. < / P > < p > secondly, on the issue of IOS system update, as we all know, IOS system is Apple’s trump card, and its update speed is very fast and very timely. Every time there is any problem, apple can use the IOS version update to solve it. The system version update of Huawei mobile phone is a rather tedious process for users, and the push update time is very long. If ordinary users operate by themselves, the brick black screen often appears. The only way to solve this problem is to save bricks through the system package of the original factory. Ordinary people can only find those mobile phone stores by paying a certain amount of money to complete the operation, and the time for returning to the factory for after-sales service is too long. There is no such problem on the iPhone side, and the scope of the update is very wide. The IOS update supports five generations of models. The old iPhone e system can be updated from ios9 to ios14, including 6-generation versions. Huawei’s mobile phone can adapt to the big version update of the old model two years ago. < / P > < p > don’t even think about the problem of updating some cheap models. You should know that besides hardware problems, mobile phone problems often come with software failures when users use them. Firmware update is the most direct way to solve such problems, but Huawei can only use “ha ha” to describe it. Secondly, in some places, Huawei always tries to avoid the important and the light. For example, Huawei’s mobile phone photos are good, but the effect of video recording is not satisfactory. < / P > < p > this can be reflected in two aspects. On the one hand, the smoothness of image preview of iPhone is significantly higher than that of Huawei mobile phone, even if the main camera pixel of Huawei mobile phone reaches an amazing 50 million pixels. It’s very easy to distinguish this part. At the same time, turn on the iPhone and Huawei phone to record, and then you will find that the frame rate of the iPhone is much higher than that of the Huawei phone. The second is the accuracy of color restoration in video recording. On the one hand, because the video recording is dynamic, and the iPhone always pays attention to the “original flavor” of color restoration, the accuracy of color restoration is incomparable to Huawei mobile phones, and even the color temperature often jumps. < / P > < p > the last aspect makes Xiaobian feel the most obvious. Applications are inseparable from our daily use. Although the app store of Huawei’s mobile phone looks similar to Apple’s app store, they are essentially different. Using the app store is like buying an insurance for yourself. You can download all the apps in the app store without worrying that it will steal your privacy and other information in the background. However, when it comes to Huawei’s mobile phone, it becomes the kind of one that doesn’t know what to look at and jump at once. < / P > < p > of course, in the end, we can attribute the culprit to Android’s open source, but you should know that as the owner of the app store, you have the right to audit every app. But what we can see is that Huawei has done nothing in this area. Of course, Huawei is not the only one in terms of app store regulation, but as a part of this, why don’t you try your best? < / P > < p > conclusion: if you list these questions, you will find that it is all related to the user experience, that’s right! In Xiaobian’s opinion, this is the biggest pain point that Huawei’s mobile phone can’t surpass the iPhone’s, that is, the extremely poor use experience! Although Huawei’s mobile phone has surpassed the iPhone in terms of hardware parameters, it can’t give full play to its comprehensive quality when assembling these parts together. In addition, the service is not satisfactory. When compared with the iPhone, you will find that this is the difference between a partial learning slag and a Xueba. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine