Don’t blindly follow the trend when buying tablet computers. At present, these are the most worthwhile ones to start with

That’s what I thought before I started my first tablet. Playing games and watching plays, I think lying on the sofa with a mobile phone will be more comfortable; reading books and reading literature can also be done by mobile phone or Kindle; code word office, but I already have a notebook. So when I first thought about the tablet, it was very tangled. At that time, I didn’t think there was an irreplaceable application scenario. It could do most of the work with my existing equipment. As a student Party member at that time, I saw other people’s comments on the iPad Online – it was the best learning tool. With apple pencil, the efficiency of taking notes in class was greatly improved. Looking back on my school experience in the past ten years, I’m not a student who can take notes in class… < / P > < p > but I finally started an iPad. The motivation is not based on demand, but driven by psychology. At that time, I always heard some media teachers say that the iPad is a productivity tool, and in college, I also claimed to be a we media person. After seeing that other media teachers had iPads, I felt that if I didn’t have one, I would not be a qualified media person. So in such a state of mind, I started the first iPad. Of course, such an approach is not desirable. No matter what kind of products to start with, it is best to start from the perspective of demand. < / P > < p > after I started the first iPad, I tried to use it as the main device for a period of time, such as writing articles, watching videos, playing games, repairing pictures, etc. with iPad. The conclusion is that in fixed occasions, its work efficiency is far less than that of traditional computers, the professional software functions are not comprehensive enough, and the manuscript writing is not good enough, but if there is a notebook with a larger screen in front of me, I will definitely choose the latter. Its advantage lies in the difference with mobile phones, because the larger screen brings higher efficiency of information acquisition. < / P > < p > it needs to be mentioned here that there is a big gap between the screen size calculated according to the diagonal line and the actual screen area for different screen ratio columns. For example, the common screen ratio of a mobile phone is 19.5:9, while that of a tablet is 4:3. When two devices with similar screen sizes appear in front of you at the same time, you can clearly see that the screen area of the tablet is large and there are many mobile phones. < / P > < p > on the other hand, when it is not limited to fixed occasions, the advantages of tablet are reflected in the difference between tablet and notebook, because the smaller body and lighter weight bring about the improvement of portability. The tablet is the best alternative for a light office. According to data released by IDC, a market research organization, in the second quarter of 2020, a total of 6.61 million tablet computers were shipped in China, an increase of 17.7% year-on-year. Among them, apple ranked first with the shipment volume of 2.76 million units, accounting for 41.8% of the market share, with a year-on-year increase of 18.7%; Huawei ranked second, with the shipment volume of 2.45 million units, accounting for 37.1% of the market share, with a year-on-year growth of 59.5%, with a somewhat surprising growth trend; the third and fourth were Microsoft and Lenovo, with the export volumes of 230000 and 170000 respectively. In fact, we can see from this data that apple and Huawei have become the only two players in the domestic tablet market. Although Microsoft and Lenovo still have some markets, they rely on PC tablets. I think the comparison object of these products should be replaced by light and thin laptops. The reason is very simple. As a handheld device, tablet is based on mobile interaction, and the experience of windows is far less than that of IOS and Android. < / P > < p > however, not every one of these models is worth starting with, because some of them are still sold in the mainstream market, but they have been released for a long time, and their performance and workmanship are lagging behind. In addition, there are some in the long-term out of stock state, and some products are very stretched. Therefore, in addition to these special models, I have sorted out a guide map for mobile phone models, as follows: < / P > < p > if you are an iPhone or Mac user, you are strongly recommended to give priority to iPad; if you are not apple, Huawei or Samsung mobile phone users, you are also suggested to give priority to iPad. Because the iPad is the best comprehensive experience of all the current tablets, but also the most abundant professional software, in addition, the ecological aspect is also the most complete. But if your main mobile phone brand has launched tablet products, the best choice is to follow the mobile phone brand. After all, all manufacturers optimize their own products. < p > < p > the iPad 2019 is the lowest gear model in the entire iPad product line. It is equipped with A10 chip. If you have iPhone 7 or the previous generation iPad, you can roughly infer its performance. In short, you can run all the software in the app store, but some software or games with higher requirements may not run as smoothly. The screen size of the iPad 2019 is 10.2 inches, compared with 9.7 inches of the previous generation. Do you know what that means? It means that if you are used to working with office, it will no longer be free now… < / P > < p > of course, this is a later part. After all, there are a lot of free office software. The iPad 2019 has a slightly larger screen and a smart keyboard, which means it has productivity attributes. However, due to its limited performance, its actual office capacity is not as good as the iPad air3 with the same design language. < p > < p > while the iPad air3 belongs to the second flagship, and its basic performance is basically the same as that of the iPad Pro Series, but the difference lies in its appearance and core functions. This model may be one of the most powerful products in the current iPad product line, but at present, I personally don’t recommend starting with it, because recently, it has been revealed that the appearance of the iPad air4 has been greatly changed, which is close to the 2018 iPad pro, and its appearance has been greatly improved. It is said that it is expected to be released in the spring of next year. < / P > < p > along with the iPad air3 is the ipad Mini 5, the “small steel cannon” that has been popular for a year last year. The overall configuration of the machine is very close to that of the iPad air3, which is equipped with A12 processor. However, the tradition of mini series is “small”, so you should not hope that it can become a cost-effective productivity tool just because it has strong performance and low price. Because the 7.9-inch screen is too small, it’s hard to write a manuscript. It’s very good to play games, draw pictures, read books and read literature. < / P > < p > the iPad Pro 2020 is no longer described. It can be concluded in one sentence: the most powerful mobile device at present. However, there is also a point to be noted. The official slogan of iPad Pro 2020 is “your next computer, why a computer”. We should not misunderstand this statement. It actually means that the iPad Pro 2020, with its powerful enough performance, can achieve an interactive experience similar to that of a Mac after it is equipped with a smart keyboard clip. It does not mean that it can replace traditional computers. < / P > < p > as for the choice of size, my personal opinion is that the 11 inch iPad Pro is more suitable for use as a tablet, while the 12.9 inch version can be considered as a “computer”. < / P > < p > the only Android manufacturers active in the tablet market today are Huawei and Samsung, which has just postponed its new flagship tablet Galaxy Tab S7 Series. The series of tablets include a large and a small two models, the large tab S7 + screen size is 12.4 inches, the small tab S7 is 11 inches. In terms of shape, compared with the previous generation, the overall change of S7 Series is not big. The front side is still a narrow frame design with equal width on four sides. The back is a dual camera module in the upper left corner. The middle frame of the body is in a flat style. If you look closely, it is a bit like the iPad pro. < / P > < p > configuration is a routine upgrade. The snapdragon 865 + processor, 120Hz screen refresh rate, top-level OLED screen and excellent workmanship. No accident, before the next generation of S-Series tablet, S7 Series will always be the king of Android. In terms of experience, the cooperation between Samsung and Microsoft has brought a seamless platform connection experience, and the content recorded at will can be synchronized to other platforms, which further improves the productivity. To give you a favorable comment, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 Series pen, that is, the s pen, is a free accessory and does not need to be purchased separately. < / P > < p > Lenovo’s M10 plus plus plus is a product launched in response to the popularity of online courses in the first half of the year. Its biggest feature is that it has built-in learning mode, pre installed XRS Lenovo customized series of applications, and at the same time, it gives a bonus package of XRS online school with a price of 1299 yuan. Configuration belongs to the entry-level, the price fluctuates from high to low, starting with the need to see the timing. < / P > < p > it’s not only apple and SamSung that support keyboard with pen, but also Huawei matepad pro. Although it’s not as good as iPad pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 in terms of workmanship and hardware stacking, it’s better than low price. The 6GB + 128GB WiFi version only costs 3299 yuan. If you are a student, you can get 200 yuan cheaper. In addition, Huawei matepad Pro also has 5g version. The core configuration is the same as WiFi version. The difference is that the processor is replaced by Kirin 990 5g SOC. Whether to use 5g or not depends on whether you need to go out and carry it. Even if there is, share hot spots with your mobile phone. Simply put, WiFi version is more cost-effective, 5g version costs 500 yuan. < p > < p > Huawei matepad Pro is similar to the iPad pro in appearance. The front is also a full-scale screen design with equal width on four sides, but the front lens is made into a hole drilling scheme. This machine uses a 2K resolution OLED screen, the screen ratio is 16:10, with four channel speakers, the viewing experience is good. < / P > < p > from the perspective of use, Huawei matepad pro and surface go are similar in that they both focus on light office work, and their prices are very close; in terms of interactivity, they are also similar to iPad pro, and everyone understands the huge hard windows interactive experience; from the functional level, the newly added intelligent split screen and multi screen collaboration really bring more productivity possibilities to it. However, the similar appearance and low price does not mean that it is going to the iPad pro. I think its primary task at this stage is to attract users. If there is a second generation of matepad Pro this year, I think it will bring great improvement in experience. < / P > < p > in August this year, Huawei updated another 10.8-inch matepad. However, it is not so much a matepad series as an iterative model of the M6 series, because it is upgraded around the M6 10.8 both in terms of configuration and appearance. Compared with the M6, the main upgrade of matepad 10.8 is that the processor is replaced by Kirin 990, and WiFi 6 + is supported. There are no significant changes in other aspects. Huawei’s matepad Pro basically supports all the functions it supports, but the price is relatively superior. The starting price is only 2399 yuan. If you think the price of matepad Pro is still a little expensive, matepad 10.8 can be a good alternative. < / P > < p > the first two are flagship models. Huawei also has two mid market positioning models, namely Huawei matepad 10.4 and glory tablet V6. The former can be seen as a simplified version of matepad pro, which retains the same design language and reduces the core configuration. The processor is replaced by Kirin 810, and the positioning is changed from productivity to entertainment + learning. < / P > < p > the latter can be regarded as the performance upgrade version of the former. The processor is upgraded to Kirin 985, the screen resolution is upgraded to 2K level, and WiFi 6 + is supported. In terms of productivity attributes, Huawei mate pad Pro has some and it also has intelligent split screen, multi screen collaboration and intelligent keyboard

Author: zmhuaxia