Don’t forget space tourism when developing commercial space

Since the space age entered in 1957, mankind has made brilliant achievements. Human beings have not only entered space, but also left their footprints on the moon, and are now preparing for the manned Mars mission. Human space industry has also been greatly developed under the guidance of various government funded tasks, such as scientific exploration, public welfare application services, and national defense. Since the 1920s, most of the funds for space projects have come from the satellite market, except for a small amount of funds from governments. National space agencies are government agencies. This has something to do with the political nature and national defense nature of space technology. It is precisely because of this that the market economic mechanism of the whole aerospace industry, whether in western developed countries or in China, has not been fully utilized, resulting in the price and quality are not optimized. This kind of phenomenon has not been changed until the 21st century, along with the rise of new aerospace market mechanism. China began to encourage commercial enterprises to enter the space industry a few years ago. So far, there are nearly 200 commercial aerospace enterprises in China. However, if we analyze the project sources of China’s current commercial aerospace enterprises, we can find that although their initial investment is from the private sector, these enterprises are difficult to find users in the civil market. Tasks are still mainly from government projects, even if not national tasks, but also local government tasks and tasks of different industries, such as power, urban planning, emergency management, etc. Some of them come from the field of education, but the funds in the field of education are mainly from the government’s education funds, and only a few are from the tuition fees of students, so the government investment is still the main part. The development of commercial aerospace industry like < / P > < p > can not help but make people start to worry. In the field of aerospace projects, if the government can not provide quality services, the government can not provide innovation. However, if they only repeat the work of state-owned enterprises and participate in the competition of national tasks at low cost, they will not really stimulate the development of national space industry, and it will be a disturbance if they are not done well. Therefore, the development goal of commercial aerospace enterprises should be to use innovative technology and innovative business model to make the cake bigger, especially to develop a unique market in the civil field. < / P > < p > then, where is the way out for the development of commercial aerospace? I think space tourism is a very large and profitable civilian market. The earth is the cradle of human beings, but human beings should not stay in the cradle forever. The human beings mentioned here should not only refer to a few astronauts, or just a few billionaires, but also ordinary people. Of course, when thousands of people walk out of the earth and travel between the earth and space, between the earth and the moon, man’s understanding of the earth and himself will break through the knowledge that only lives on its surface. This is of far-reaching significance for protecting our planet earth and ensuring the sustainable development of human civilization. < / P > < p > no matter in the developed countries such as the United States or here, the most important obstacle to the development of space tourism is the cost. And the reason why the cost is so high, in addition to the gravity of the earth, there is also the requirement that the enterprises undertaking government projects have gradually formed, regardless of cost, to be “infallible” for a long time. Such strict requirements are necessary for political and national defense missions, but not necessarily for commercial space tourism. For this reason, what we need to do as soon as possible is: at the social level, we should strengthen the publicity of the significance of space tourism to human development, and encourage the development of science popularization, science fiction and education publicity and publishing industry aiming at space tourism; at the government level, we should establish incentive policies to support the development of commercial aerospace enterprises with space tourism as the goal; at the commercial space enterprises, we should establish incentive policies to support the development of space tourism At the industry level, we should speed up the research and development of low-cost and innovative space travel technology, local utilization technology of space resources, and high-speed space communication technology; at the level of financial industry and capital industry, we should actively participate in the venture capital related to space tourism, and jointly promote the development of space tourism. It is believed that if China seizes this “bull nose”, it will certainly catch up with the development of the times in the field of commercial aerospace, and will not miss this new opportunity for the future development of science and technology and economy of mankind. Privacy Policy