Don’t misunderstand the Tianji 800u, which is different from Tianji 800

For the entire smartphone market in 2020, it does not seem excessive to call MediaTek the biggest winner. On the one hand, they released the 5g flagship SOC Tianji 1000 series at the end of 2019, along with iqoo Z1 and redmi K30 Premium Edition and other models have been gradually recognized and accepted by the public, and have established their foothold in the high-performance market. On the other hand, MediaTek Tianji 720, Tianji 800 and Tianji 820, which are positioned in the middle end, have obvious cost-effective advantages in the market, becoming the “core” of many mainstream brands of thousand yuan class 5g models. < / P > < p > why has the United Nations Development and development department been so successful in the 5g era? On this issue, we have done a very detailed analysis of the three changes before. To put it simply, the first thing to admit is that the 5g baseband developed by itself is very strong in terms of performance and function. For example, the only dual carrier aggregation connection capability in the same price, such as the current only 5g dual card dual standby function, all of which prove that MediaTek has a deep reserve for 5g technology. < / P > < p > on the other hand, when we compare Tianji 1000, Tianji 820, or Tianji 800 with Kirin 985, Qilin 820 and snapdragon 765G with similar pricing, we can find that in 5g era, MediaTek is not inferior in CPU architecture or semiconductor process, and even has a corresponding degree of performance advantages. In other words, because of its high performance, advanced 5g technology and good price, the success of the 5g SOC is a matter of course. However, historical experience tells us that too much success is often accompanied by “Ecstasy”. At present, it seems that even if it is not easy to turn over the United Nations Development Department, it seems that it has not been immune from the common customs. Because today, they launched a new 5g SOC called Tianji 800u. But the name seems to be very similar to Tianji 800, but in fact, it is a little less kind. < / P > < p > let’s take a look at the specific parameters of Tianji 800u first. First of all, in terms of baseband and and process, the standard of Tianji 800u is actually good. It adopts the same 7Nm process as Tianji 1000 and other Tianji 800 series chips. The integrated 5g baseband can support 5g dual carrier aggregation and 5g dual card dual standby, and is compatible with future 5g vonr HD call technology. All these reflect the leading level of MediaTek in 5g baseband. < / P > < p > but when we look at the calculation part of “Tianji 800u”, some paradoxes appear. For example, in the propaganda copy, the official stressed that Tianji 800u has a CPU frequency of up to 2.4GHz. If this refers to the improvement on the basis of Tianji 800, then Tianji 800u should have much better CPU performance than Tianji 800. However, according to MediaTek, the performance of Tianji 800u is “11% higher than Tianji 700 series”, while Tianji 700 is only equipped with a set of two big ones 6 small CPU combination, the performance is much weaker than Tianji 800. < / P > < p > for example, as early as the release of Tianji 800, we knew that although Tianji 800 was just a regular 5g SOC, it was still equipped with 3-core independent APU computing units, with the largest AI computing capacity of 2.4tops. However, in the official publicity copy of Tianji 800u, there is no mention of whether it integrates AI acceleration unit or how high AI computing power it has. < / P > < p > What does this mean? A sharp eyed friend may have understood. Yes, although Tianji 800u seems to be a derivative of Tianji 800 Series in terms of product name, it actually only has 2 large and 6 small CPU configurations, and there is no independent APU. This means that in terms of hardware architecture, it is closer to Tianji 700 series than Tianji 800 series. Of course, from the perspective of commercial operation, how to name a product is the freedom of manufacturers. In the chip industry, the use of more frightening names and larger numbers in exchange for good publicity effect has existed since the 586 era decades ago. Therefore, there may be nothing wrong with the name of a chip that is more closely related to Tianji 720, which is more likely to be misunderstood as related to Tianji 800. However, the problem is that, from the perspective of consumers, the name of “Tianji 800u” may indeed constitute a misunderstanding on future smart phone products. For example, if a mobile phone manufacturer introduces a new product based on Tianji 800u, but sets the price at the same level as Tianji 800 or even Tianji 820, and intentionally confuses the market positioning of Tianji 800u in publicity, it may cause some problems. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia