Don’t rush to buy the iPhone 12! Chinese academicians tell 5g truth, don’t be blinded by propaganda!

With the official release of the iPhone 12, there are more and more discussions on 5g on the Internet. According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of industry and information technology, more than 600000 5g base stations have been built in China, which is far ahead of other countries in the same period. < / P > < p > more than 600000 5g base stations have been built in China. Does that mean that we can easily use 5g networks? The answer is obviously no! At present, 5g in China still has a lot of problems, so you can not rush to buy the iPhone 12! < p > < p > at the recent China International Information and Communication Exhibition 2020, Chinese Academician Wu Hequan told the truth of 5g, which attracted many netizens to say: it’s too late to know! Academician Wu Hequan revealed that at present, there are still three major problems in 5g in China, namely, immature technology, high operating cost and difficult to digest cost. Among them, immature technology refers to places that have already covered 5g networks, but 5g mobile phones can not receive them, and even can’t make calls, let alone enjoy high-speed networks. < / P > < p > high operation cost means that the cost of a single 5g base station is higher than that of a 4G base station, and the spacing distance of 5g base station is more dense than that of 4G base station. The cost of 5g network is several times that of 4G network. < / P > < p > What’s more fatal is that the power consumption of 5g base stations is particularly large. Some time ago, it was reported in China that due to the high power consumption of 5g base stations, operators can only choose to shut down 5g base stations at night. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that Academician Wu Hequan is not the only one who tells the truth about the development of 5g in China. Even Huawei, the great integrator in 5g field, also points out the problems existing in domestic 5g network. Ding Geng, President of Huawei operator, said: the domestic 5g network seems to be leading, but in terms of experience, it is very poor. It is difficult to call it a real 5g network. < / P > < p > is a little hard to accept! Some netizens said: it’s too late to know about 5g. Before that, there was a lot of publicity about 5g in China. However, there are so many problems about 5g, which is really hard to accept! < p > < p > in particular, some netizens who have listened to the propaganda of mobile phone manufacturers and bought 5g mobile phones are even more regretful. These netizens said: they have bought 5g mobile phones for more than a year, but they have not experienced 5g network as expected. They knew that they would not spend more money on 5g mobile phones. < / P > < p > “blinded by propaganda”! This is the voice of most users who have already bought 5g mobile phones, so that these people are crazily swiping the screen on the Internet, telling the netizens who have not yet bought 5g mobile phones: don’t be blinded by publicity! < / P > < p > it is undeniable that the propaganda of mobile phone manufacturers and domestic operators has indeed hoodwinked some consumers, making them have a kind of illusion that can be reached in 5g era. < / P > < p > of course, for 5g, the editor thinks that as consumers, we should not be too harsh. After all, 5g has just been launched for less than two years, and it needs a certain period of time to grow. It is unrealistic to achieve it in one move. We should be more tolerant. However, for operators, the editor would like to say that in the process of 5g network construction, we should not blindly seek fast, we should be steady and steady, and the construction of 5g is more important than fast. < / P > < p > it’s very realistic that if 5g experience can’t keep up with it, even if most parts of China have covered 5g network, I’m afraid consumers will not pay for it. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865