“Don’t think of me as a tumor that only gasps.” what does the anti-cancer road rely on to “light up life”

Although it is not the time to talk about cancer, for cancer patients and their families, psychological fear, anxiety and physical fatigue are still inevitable. How can patients and their families cross the threshold relatively easily? Recently, the cancer humanities cooperation group of China Cancer Foundation will specially discuss these issues, provide more humanistic care for patients and their families, and “light up life and walk with you”. < / P > < p > “doctors often tell me about the size of the tumor, weight gain or loss and body temperature, but why don’t you ask me what I’m thinking? What kind of pain do I have? How are my wife, daughter and family? Even talk about yesterday’s football match. Don’t think of me as a tumor that only gasps… ” < / P > < p > “since I was found to have cancer, I have been observed under a microscope, and everyone is on guard to prevent me from committing suicide. But who knows my fear and helplessness? Before every pet scan results appear, I am worried about recurrence. Who can accompany me to fight to the end? ” < p > < p > this is the heart talk of two cancer patients who do not want to be named. In recent years, due to the progress of medicine, the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients have been greatly improved. However, in terms of the mental world and psychological status of patients and doctors, the domestic medical community still has no time to take into account. Cheng Shujun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said: “cancer is an aging disease and a systemic disease. The treatment of cancer depends not only on itself, but also on society. At present, people’s understanding of tumor is still in its infancy. It is hoped that through humanistic care, people’s scientific cognition can be improved, and the vitality of patients against diseases can be improved. In the future, humanistic medicine will play an important role in cancer prevention and treatment Liang Jun, vice president of Peking University International Hospital,

pointed out that China is the most global regardless of cancer mortality or incidence rate. Cancer not only brings physical pain to patients, but also casts a serious shadow on the spirit of patients. However, at present, the spiritual support and hospice relief of cancer patients are far from the needs of patients. Medicine is not only a science but also an art. It should not only treat diseases, but also give warmth, sympathy and understanding to patients. < / P > < p > “sometimes cure, often care, always comfort.” The experts interviewed were deeply touched by the words that the medical experts always talked about. However, in the traditional medical industry, doctors and nurses only communicate with patients from the technical level. The lack of medical resources can not guarantee sufficient humanistic care, so it is necessary for someone to “cook” nutritious “Chicken Soup for the soul”. A few years ago, a friend was diagnosed with cancer in the United States. He noticed that the injection center in the hospital would prepare a small surprise for patients after each chemotherapy course, and there were paintings that patients liked , crafts, chocolates to celebrate their new stage of treatment. He believes that such humanized settings will help to improve the compliance of patients with chemotherapy and the completion rate of treatment. For the treatment of cancer patients, “bitter medicine” and “heart of helping the world” are indispensable. Zhao Ping, President of China Cancer Foundation, said: “humanity is the advanced and core part of human culture. The humanistic spirit of tumor is to respect, care and love patients in the process of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Let the treatment have temperature, let doctors and patients understand each other, so that patients and their families are not lonely. ” < p > < p > the cancer humanities cooperation group supported by the China Cancer Foundation, with the medical staff in the cancer field as the core, invited leaders of various associations and societies, as well as elites from health, publishing, culture and art, film and television, sports and business circles to participate in the group. < / P > < p > the establishment of the collaboration group marks the determination of the Chinese medical community to benchmark the development trend of the international industry, connect the forces from all walks of life, deeply explore the medical humanistic value, and create a cross-border comprehensive platform. The platform will better lead the development of medical technology and serve the people’s health from the perspectives of public welfare, humanities, communication and technology. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine