Don’t underestimate these intelligent shooting modes, which can help you quickly get started with photography

Digital SLR camera has “portrait”, “landscape”, “Sports”, “night scene”, “macro” and other scene modes for selection. According to the shooting needs, select a certain mode to complete the corresponding shooting. < / P > < p > this mode is used to shoot portraits with soft, natural skin texture. When the lens has enough aperture, portrait photography mode will usually increase the aperture, make the background blurred, and focus on the characters will appear three-dimensional. When portrait photography mode is selected, the camera will automatically set to this effect. When the light is insufficient, the flash will automatically pop up. < / P > < p > Q: how about using “portrait” mode when shooting portraits? A: if the photographer is not familiar with character photography, it is better to use the “portrait” mode; if you want to shoot according to the specific situation, the aperture priority mode is more convenient. < / P > < p > landscape mode will adjust the aperture very small and the shutter speed will be adjusted to low speed accordingly. This kind of motion is easy to happen in shooting mode. When shooting in shadow or in low light in the evening, it is best to use a tripod to stabilize the camera. < p > < p > Q: Mr. Qi, if you use the “scenery” mode to shoot the scenery, will the photos be more beautiful? A: if the “scenery” mode is selected, the camera will automatically set parameters suitable for landscape photography. It is better for beginners to use the “scenery” mode. If you want to shoot according to the specific situation, choose the aperture priority mode, so you can freely adjust the exposure, white balance, depth of field and other parameters. < / P > < p > motion mode can capture moving objects very clearly. When the camera is set to motion mode, the shutter speed as high as possible is automatically selected. In this mode, the camera will track the moving object to focus, especially the movement in the front and back direction, which can be taken very clearly. < p > < p > Q: Mr. Qi, when shooting moving objects, will you use the “motion” mode? A: if you select the “motion” mode, the camera will automatically set appropriate motion photography parameters. Because the sport mode can track the object in motion, it is convenient to photograph sports, active children and animals. Since no parameter can be adjusted in the “motion” mode, it is recommended that the photographer choose the “s” mode, which can be adjusted according to the object and the scene. < / P > < p > night scene mode is suitable for shooting night scenery. In the premise of not using flash, the camera will use a larger aperture, higher sensitivity to shoot. Therefore, in the case of insufficient light, it is recommended to use tripod shooting to ensure the clarity of the picture. < p > < p > Q: Mr. Qi, do you need a tripod when shooting in the “night view portrait” mode? A: the “night scene portrait” mode can make the characters and the background very bright. The principle is that the flash lights the characters first, and then set a synchronization time according to the brightness and darkness of the background. This time is used to absorb more light, so as to light the background. Therefore, when the background is dark, the exposure time will be longer, so be sure to use a tripod. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo