Don’t want to wait for iPhone 12? Four high beauty flagship mobile phones are recommended to you: it’s hard to regret when you get it

When it comes to October, the golden autumn season is also the harvest season. At this time, if you are facing the trouble of changing the phone, then the current smart phone market will undoubtedly make you tangled. Since the beginning of this year, high refresh rate, 5g support and even high-power fast charging have become the theme, but if you pay attention to a little observation, you will find that high-quality mobile phones are still popular even today! < / P > < p > so today, let’s recommend some 5g mainstream mobile phones that have made people happy with their new first impressions this year. Maybe you’ll like them better before the iPhone 12 comes out? < / P > < p > as the flagship work of glory this year, glory 30 series has both face and lining. Why say so? Because such a product is a masterpiece in terms of hardware and appearance, at least I believe that many girls can’t refuse its unique high beauty design of streamer fantasy color matching. In terms of hardware, glory 30 Pro / PRO + is equipped with Kirin 9905g SOC, and is equipped with a four in one system level image scheme: Super bottom, super pixel, super sensitivity and ultra long focus Pro, for example, has a 40 million super sensitive three camera system, including a 40 megapixel super sensitive main lens, a 50 times periscope handheld super stable long focus lens, and a 16 million pixel ultra wide angle lens. The PRO + is replaced by a 50 million pixel super sensitive main camera, creating a flagship work with strong hardware and image ability. < / P > < p > in terms of design, glory 30 Pro chooses the more popular curved surface + hole digging screen design this year. Although there are some defects in the appearance of double digging holes, the curved OLED screen, the rear glory logo and the matrix camera module are designed with 90hz high refresh rate screen support and the fuselage is controlled at 190g. It is still a flagship that can watch, play and play. < p > < p > conclusion: no matter you are a boy or a girl, glory 30 Pro can satisfy your joy at first sight. With its excellent hardware performance and powerful imaging ability, it is also very good as your current 5g mainstream replacement choice! This kind of mobile phone is recommended to those students who pay attention to appearance, brand effect and require good touch. < / P > < p > if you have to choose a product that makes people very tangled in this year’s flagship selection, I personally think that oppo find The X2 series is bound to be criticized: on the one hand, its overall design and hardware collocation can be regarded as a standard work, especially its quality on the screen can be rated as the top 3 of the current flagship camp; on the other hand, its super high price and slightly “heavy” hand design make people feel that it can not afford such a price. In terms of hardware, oppo find x2 Pro is equipped with high pass snapdragon 865 processor + lpddr5 + UFS 3.0 iron triangle combination, and equipped with 4260mah large battery + 65W super flash charging design, supporting IP68 level dust and water-proof, full-function NFC and X-axis horizontal linear motor, etc.; in the image part, the mobile phone selects Sony’s 48 million pixel as the main camera, supplemented by 13 million pixel periscope long-range lens + 48 million pixel wide-angle lens, and supports 10 times mixed light variation + up to 60 times digital Zoom, support OIS and full-pixel full-phase focusing technology, on the whole, is a flagship work above the level. < / P > < p > find x2 pro and glory 30 The choice of Pro is the same, all of them are the design of opening in the upper left corner, but it is a single hole design; the same is the curved screen design, but its screen quality is obviously stronger. It chooses a 6.7 inch, QHD + resolution, supports hdr10 + certification, supports 120Hz high refresh rate support and 240Hz sampling rate support, all aspects are in full Android Above the top 3 level in the camp. Conclusion: I personally prefer the color of tea and orange, and the warm leather back is very good both in appearance and in hand. It is suitable for both business and fashion talent, that is, in line with the aesthetic of boys and girls who love beauty, not to mention its excellent ability in screen experience. Although the initial pricing aspect it some “exceeds the standard”, and the weight is some heavy, but the current price is already very suitable to start with the choice, recommended to you! In ancient times, when we used to describe a gentleman, we often used the bamboo’s straightness to describe the gentleman’s elegance, pride and straightness, as well as the gentleness as jade to describe the gentleman’s modesty. Today, we use it to describe the Meizu 17 In fact, Pro is also appropriate: first, Meizu is now in a unique and independent attitude. It is determined to let others be strong and I am still in this world. Secondly, Meizu’s products have always been famous for their warm and comfortable feel, just like a modest gentleman. In terms of hardware, Meizu 17 Pro is equipped with the flagship iron triangle combination of high pass snapdragon 865 processor + lpddr5 + UFS 3.1, which is excellent in hardware. It also has a 4500mAh battery built in, supplemented by a 30W wired fast charging + 27W wireless charging design; in the video part, Meizu 17 Pro is equipped with a flagship iron triangle combination Pro is equipped with a post four camera processor, which is 64 million main camera + 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens + 12 million pixel depth of field lens + 5 million pixel macro lens, and 2000 pixels front lens, which almost covers the whole scene shooting. It is also one of the few flagship mobile phones supporting macro shooting. In terms of appearance design, Meizu 17 Pro is equipped with a 6.6-inch 2340 * 1080 resolution AMOLED screen. Although it is also designed for digging holes in the upper left corner, it will make the hole digging design smaller and better in details. The screen supports 90hz high refresh rate + 180hz sampling rate. Although it is not the top-level high brush support, it is a relatively good screen quality at present. The most eye-catching part of its appearance is that it chooses the ceramic body design, and continues the slightly curved back cover design of Meizu’s digital flagship series, which makes its fit feel doubled, supplemented by the gentle and moist feel of jade. From the point of view of holding comfort, it is one of the most outstanding products at present! < p > < p > conclusion: in the view of many people, Meizu mobile phone has fallen out of the top brand and market influence is low. Therefore, its products are not so good. However, the real situation is that Meizu is more able to produce high-quality products. It does not focus on sales volume. It also has the support of IOS like flyme system. In this regard, Meizu is far away It is far from being classified as “small manufacturers”. At least at the moment, Meizu 17 Pro is suitable for those students who pay more attention to holding experience and prefer xiaowenqing. I personally recommend tianqingse – “tianqingse is waiting for misty rain, but I’m waiting for you”. Isn’t it appropriate? < / P > < p > as the biggest brand product of Xiaomi series up to this year, although Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is released with Xiaomi’s “tail”, it can’t even be regarded as a real brand-new product, but compared with Xiaomi 10 pro, it makes up for several existing problems and becomes the most beautiful “son” of Xiaomi at present. < p > < p > in terms of hardware, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition has chosen the same iron triangle flagship: high pass snapdragon 865 processor + lpddr5 + UFS 3.1, supplemented by 4500mAh large battery + 120W wired flash charging + 50W infinite flash charging + 10W reverse wireless charging, as well as WiFi In the image part, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is equipped with a 48 million main camera, 48 million pixel ultra long focal lens, 20 million pixel ultra wide angle lens and 12 million pixel portrait lens. The highlight is that it will support up to 120 times digital code mixed zoom shooting, and it takes the lead in almost all products in long-range photography. In terms of appearance design, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition follows Xiaomi 10 pro’s 6.67-inch full screen design with 2340 x 1080 pixels. It also obtains HDR 10 + Certification support, 1120nit peak brightness, 4096 level brightness adjustment, and supports 120Hz high refresh rate + 240Hz touch sampling rate. In terms of screen quality, it has entered the top 5 of the current Android camp. Its particularity lies in its back design. From the ceramic black and bright silver plate to the transparent version, I personally think the transparent version has its special visual significance, and its grip feeling will be quite good. < / P > < p > conclusion: the choice of Xiaomi digital flagship can not be said to be ultra-high cost-effective, but it is a choice that won’t be regretted. As the representative of Xiaomi 5g flagship, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is naturally no exception ~ its highlight is that any software and hardware are taken into consideration, and a flagship image product, 500, which ranks first in the DxOMark list, is built in the image section For products that are in their early 20s and are just released, such a choice may be regarded as mediocre, but it is also the choice of flagship, isn’t it? < / P > < p > on the whole, I would like to recommend these 5g flagship mobile phone products with fashionable and high appearance and extremely powerful hardware performance. They are included from the screen to the overall grip, from the extreme appearance to the rough hardware stack. If you like them, why don’t you have a taste? Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

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