Don’t worry about a new one. These four models are already on the way

I believe that you have been in a hurry recently. Some users have not yet chosen their favorite mobile phone products because they are about to start school. Some users feel that the competition for new phones in the second half of the year has just begun, and now they have not really entered the stage to choose. Therefore, there are many mobile phone users waiting for their new phones. Today, the author has collected four models for you. It can be said that they are basically on the road. It is not too late for users to make decisions after reading the new models. But the first thing to declare is that the exposure information about the new machine comes from the Internet, and its credibility is not high, so please refer to the official for specific information. < / P > < p > in the first half of this year, Yijia mobile phones did not perform well in terms of strength. It can even be described in general terms. It is not that the configuration parameters are not strong enough, but the influence of Yijia mobile phones is limited. It is still under certain pressure to suddenly impact the high-end flagship market. However, recently, the market has been informed of one plus eight tons of information. Either the curved hole digging screen design will be adopted, with the hole digging in the middle, or the high pass snapdragon 865 plus processor and the super large memory combination of 16GB + 512gb will be carried. It can be said that as soon as the hardware is added, it is up to the market positioning and pricing. < / P > < p > when it comes to ZTE mobile phones, most users are not particularly interested because ZTE’s popularity in the market has not been particularly high, and most users’ impression of ZTE mobile phones remains in the previous years. However, ZTE’s mobile phones have accumulated a lot of experience. The special-shaped area has been cancelled in the front, and the proportion of screens and appearance are excellent. Moreover, the off screen camera technology will be launched. This is the highlight officially announced by the official authorities. Maybe ZTE axon 20 will set off a high fever in the next market, which is one of the reasons why the mobile phone users who are in a hurry to change their phones can bear it again. < / P > < p > no surprise, we will meet with the iPhone 12 next month. In addition to the adjustment of screen size, this year’s iPhone 12 series may take a retro route, abandoning the mellow middle frame inherited from the iPhone 6 era and switching to a right angle middle frame design similar to the iPad pro. At the same time, it may carry A14 processor and support dual-mode 5g network. In terms of system, there is a great chance to directly use ios14 system. It can be said that the expectation value is really high. Of course, it’s just a piece of news. No one can tell what the iPhone 12 will look like. < p > < p > Huawei’s popularity in the middle and low-end markets has not been high. However, recently, the news that Huawei enjoys 20plus has been heard in the market. Maybe Huawei will make changes in the low-end market. Or will adopt the lifting all-round screen + glass body, not only the proportion of the screen is considerable, but also feel comfortable. In terms of performance, it may be equipped with Tianji 720 processor based on 7Nm technology, which should be a new move after many Tianji 800 models. Perhaps Huawei’s next direction is to popularize 5g in the lower end mobile phone market. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?