Don’t worry about iPhone sending wechat. Apple’s privilege to wechat can’t find a second one in the world

In recent years, the U.S. government’s actions against Chinese enterprises have become more and more frequent. More than 100 Chinese enterprises, universities and institutions have been added to the list of entities. In order to suppress Huawei, the trump government has issued a number of prohibitions in an attempt to curb Huawei’s communication business and consumer business. In August, the United States turned its finger on wechat.

after the ban came into effect in September, US enterprises will be banned from doing business with wechat. Many Apple users can’t help but wonder: can iPhone still use wechat in the future? The answer to this question will not be known until next month, and there is no definite answer. However, the author believes that it is unlikely that wechat will be banned on iPhone. After all, wechat can be called national software in China.

if there is no wechat on the international version of iPhone, Apple will be more seriously injured. Isn’t the United States lifting a stone and hitting itself in the foot? What’s more, apple can’t find a second one in the world to take care of wechat. According to Philip schumeck, wechat has always been a special presence for the iPhone, and apple has given it privileges that other apps don’t have.

shumeike was responsible for the management of Apple’s app store for a long time before 2016. In Apple’s app store, it is forbidden to embed another app in an app. However, apple gave a “green light” to wechat, which made shumeike quite puzzled. In the domestic version of wechat, Apple users can run “wechat applet” without being constrained.

schumec said: “only wechat is allowed to do so.” It is not difficult to see Apple’s care for wechat. The reason why Apple is so is due to the popularity of wechat in China. Wechat is not only instant messaging software, but also has shopping, payment and other functions. Even many elderly people are communicating with each other through wechat, which can help the popularity of wechat in China.

it is reported that more than 90% of wechat users are in China. Tencent said in its second quarter earnings report that wechat now has more than 1.2 billion active users. Let’s look at Apple. Although apple is the third largest smartphone giant in the world, its number of users in China is far less than that of wechat. If the iPhone doesn’t have wechat, it will become a big short board to affect Apple’s sales in China.

from Apple’s second quarter financial report, 15.6% of Apple’s total revenue was contributed by greater China. The Chinese market is very important to apple. As a smart businessman, cook will never let Apple suffer such a serious loss. In a number of surveys and votes, the vast majority of users said they would choose wechat instead of apple. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia