Double 11 data released, Xiaomi stands alone, iPhone still exaggerates

This year’s double 11, the competition between domestic mobile phone brands completely does not feel the same gunpowder flavor of previous years. According to the first day’s war report, Xiaomi sold 4 billion yuan of sales, and won the first place in the category of mobile phones. As for other brands, the activity was not high. So far, the three brands with the highest cumulative sales volume were Xiaomi, apple and glory! In terms of the real-time sales volume of JD single products, Xiaomi and redmi account for 5 seats. Nearly nine months after its release, Xiaomi 10 ushered in another official price reduction. In combination with 10% off consumption coupons, another wave of Xiaomi 10 was collected. Looking at the cumulative sales volume of individual products, the top 10 Xiaomi accounted for 6 more. It can be said that at present, Xiaomi, a domestic brand, is the best, while iPhone, which occupies the top of the list, is in November Sales million plus price reduction, still very stable, even the new iPhone 12 can not surpass! < / P > < p > among the new products, realme’s two high cost-effective 1000 yuan machines are more prominent, followed by the newly released “double 11” dedicated to Zhenxiang flagship k30s. In the 6000 price PK, Huawei mate40pro still leads the iPhone 12 in real-time sales! < p > < p > redmi K30s, in theory, should be the best model, but only a batch of 100000 units have been sold. At present, it is in pre-sale state. The next round of sales is No.4. According to this rhythm, the k30s will sell five rounds at most during the double-11 period. If each round is 100000, that is 500000, this performance is better than the k30pro at 618. But if you open the door on the double 11, the sales volume of this year’s double 11 will be the highest Besides the iPhone 11, it’s the high-end model! < / P > < p > on the whole, this year’s double 11 is relatively cold. At present, only realem and redmi can make a spark. However, Huawei and glory have not participated in this round of battle, but it is not ruled out that efforts will be made in the later stage. Although Xiaomi still looks the same as before, from the point of view of the 1 billion subsidy given to smart home, Xiaomi’s focus this year is not on mobile phones, that is to say, the preferential power of mobile phones this year It should not be as big as in previous years, and the models with high discount are basically on the list= target=_ blank>Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”