Double 11 single product list champion, not millet glory, its first day sales exceeded 100000

As the first day of the double 11, the performance of major mobile phone manufacturers on November 1 attracted special attention. Jingdong, as the “main battlefield” of mobile phone manufacturers, released the real-time ranking list of double 11 mobile phones can illustrate its strength. In the cumulative list of brand sales, Xiaomi and glory, as old Internet mobile phone brands, have become the first and second respectively in the Android camp. However, to some people’s surprise, realme, which officially returned to China last year, ranked top 4 in the Android camp with the excellent performance of realme Q2, which surpassed many old mobile phone manufacturers. < / P > < p > while realme’s sales volume became the top 4 of Android camp on the first day of November 11, what was more surprising was its amazing growth rate and real self Q2 strength. According to the data of Jingdong, realme’s sales growth rate was the first on the double 11 year-on-year basis, and realme Q2 also won the first place in the cumulative sales list of new mobile phones! Based on the data presented in the Jingdong rankings, we can see that realme has become one of the biggest winners on the first day of the double 11, and realme Q2 has also become one of the most worthwhile models in Android camp. < / P > < p > realme has performed very well on the double 11, but it is only the tip of the iceberg for its amazing momentum. In the latest data released by counterpoint not long ago, realme not only achieved an astonishing growth of 132% compared with the same period last year, but also ranked top 7 in the world with 14.8 million shipping volume and 4% global share. What’s more, realme has become the mobile phone brand with the fastest sales volume of 50 million in the industry. It takes only nine months, which is three months less than Xiaomi. The amazing growth rate makes it highly valued by many professionals in the international market. < / P > < p > both the data of Jingdong on the double 11 and the global data of counterpoint prove that realme has become a brand that can not be ignored in the mobile phone market. At present, in China, Xiaomi is undoubtedly the oldest mobile phone brand that focuses on Internet sales, while glory is the brand rising after Xiaomi. Now the rise of realme has made the domestic Internet mobile phone market similar to the pattern of the three countries, and “Rong Xiaozhen” is performing “three country killing”. However, different from the three countries, the current realme is still in a period of rapid growth, the upper limit of its development is still not seen, and the future development is, to some extent, the most expected of “Rong Xiaozhen”. < / P > < p > realme can rise strongly, obviously without excellent products. As the champion of single product list on the first day of double 11, realme Q2 is undoubtedly the greatest contributor to realme’s performance in double 11. The price of this model is only over 1000 yuan, but it has Tianji 800u processor and 120Hz speed screen are quite good, can bring quite smooth use experience. At the same time, it also has a 48 million pixel three camera module in terms of shooting ability, which not only has excellent analytical power, but also has mature algorithm, which can meet various shooting needs in daily life. In addition, it carries a large battery of 5000mAh, and its performance in terms of endurance is enough to make many people willing to choose it. Today, double 11 is still in full swing. Although realme has gained advantages by virtue of its comprehensive 5g products, it is still unknown who will win the “battle” of “Rong Xiaozhen” in “Three Kingdoms”. Let’s wait and see. For users, their competition will undoubtedly bring us more profits. We may as well pay more attention to various recent activities. New product launch