Double label dog? Huawei mate40 out of stock is to engage in hunger marketing, apple 12 is a strategy to buy

Now they have officially met with the people who bow down all over the world. The topic of these two mobile phones is not high. No matter whether Samsung’s folding screen mobile phones or other manufacturers’ Heike mobile phones this year, < / P > < p > for the majority of pollen, mate The “second chime” of “40” online naturally proves that they have “correct belief”. However, for black powder, they have found a place where Huawei can be hacked – saying that Huawei is engaged in hunger marketing and deliberately creating the illusion of insufficient supply. < / P > < p > however, while talking about Huawei’s hungry marketing, these people say “ah, it’s delicious!” to the iPhone 12, which is just launched and has been on the market for a second There’s no doubt that Huawei mate 40 is out of stock and engaged in hunger marketing, while Apple 12 is a strategy. Let’s talk about this “online is a second chime” thing. < / P > < p > different from many people’s imagination, is this kind of thing really new, or even not “original” in recent years. As early as the era of function machine, Nokia, the king of a generation, once produced several popular mobile phones, such as N97, X6 and other models. Xiaomi, Samsung, Lenovo and other brands have experienced the phenomenon of seconds chime, not to mention apple. Since Mr. Qiao created the era of smart phones, even though Apple under cook’s leadership has lost its once miraculous creativity, and its mobile phone configuration is also squeezing toothpaste every year, it still can’t stop this kind of thing. < / P > < p > in fact, in recent years, in addition to the brands that are really declining, the newly released flagship models of several of the most famous mobile phone manufacturers in the world are almost empty every year. It is not new that the first round of sales stock is insufficient. < / P > < p > whether Huawei is in hunger marketing or not, let’s put aside for a moment, and let’s see what is the real “hunger marketing”. In fact, the four words hunger marketing is not a professional marketing term. It refers to businesses or enterprises, in order to create the illusion of “one product is difficult to obtain”, deliberately artificially reduce the output of goods, deliberately cause tension between supply and demand, and create an illusion of “hot products”, so as to stimulate consumers to pay attention to brands and commodities continuously. Hunger marketing is actually a means of commodity promotion and enterprise brand promotion derived from the arrival of consumerism, and it can only be used when the network is developed, because once the network is underdeveloped and the information dissemination is underdeveloped, the purpose of hunger marketing can not be achieved. Therefore, we can see that in the current era of highly developed mobile Internet, no matter it is real estate, or passenger cars, or even cosmetic products, as long as a businessman likes to play this set of marketing strategy. This is especially true in the mobile phone industry. However, there are two sides to the story. In fact, many mobile phone manufacturers like to do “hunger marketing”. The purchase habits of consumers also play a role in fueling the flames. < / P > < p > the buyer ethos in recent years is very strange. It may be due to the fact that the flagship mobile phone has been launched for several years, which means that some consumers do not like the brands with sufficient stock in the first round of sales. On the contrary, they think that they are not popular, so they can’t sell out. As a result, some mobile phone manufacturers, even if they have enough supply before the market, still want to play hunger marketing. It seems that if they do not, they will be sorry for their own mobile phone research and development. The U.S. has been cracking down on Huawei since last year, which has led to some problems in the production and supply chain of Huawei’s mobile phones. Until this year, when the “strongest killing order” was issued, Huawei’s Kirin 9000 chip was immediately suppressed into “perhaps the last generation”. Until now, Huawei has not found a way to continue the life of Kirin chip. < / P > < p > in addition to processor chips, flash memory chips and screen chips are now in the undifferentiated attack range of the “strongest killing order”, which means that we can buy or see mate now All the chips used are the chips in stock accumulated by Huawei’s increasing orders before September 15 this year. According to the sales volume of Huawei last year and the first few quarters of this year, the stock of Kirin 9000 chips is not too much. If one can sell one chip less, it will still be two questions whether it can survive this year. How can there be any spare time to engage in hunger marketing. < / P > < p > does Huawei not know which is important for the survival of mobile phone brands and the sales of mobile phones? Therefore, many rational netizens responded to the black powder’s talk that Huawei mate 40 was engaged in hunger marketing. “This is either stupid or bad!” In addition to the mobile phone business, Huawei’s 5g global layout this year is also extremely bumpy. The European market, except Spain and Germany, seems to be almost wiped out. Canada, the North American market, has not yet decided whether to ban Huawei 5g. In South America, the United States is preparing to use US dollar loans to induce some countries to abandon Huawei 5g Only Africa and Asia are still Huawei 5g’s main attack direction. However, African countries are generally poor and the 5g layout may be a little early. Although Japan and South Korea have expressed their welcome to Huawei 5g in Asia, there is another India that is ready to move its own 5g layout. However, despite all the difficulties, we still have to believe that Huawei can survive this hurdle. On the one hand, even if Huawei cuts off the mobile phone business at the consumer end, Huawei will not collapse. On the other hand, the state is vigorously promoting the development of China’s semiconductor industry to help Huawei get rid of its predicament. Most importantly, Huawei itself has not given up Huawei Hisilicon It’s afraid that Hisilicon chips will not be able to continue to produce in recent years. However, with Huawei’s investment in scientific research and the progress of the country’s semiconductor industry as a whole, Huawei Hisilicon will surely start again in the future and become the world’s best again. < / P > < p > just like the theme song of this mate 40 conference, the dawn of Huawei and the dawn of China semiconductor are on the way! Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer