Double type-C data line is the right direction, otherwise it will be in vain usb3.1

Before talking about type-C, we have to talk about type-A and type-B first. Does this look strange? Let’s change the name to “USB”, and you will be familiar with it. Their full name is USB type-A / B / C, or type-A / B / C for short. < / P > < p > here, someone may have to ask what was the name of the interface on Android phones in the past. This interface is type micro-b, also known as micro USB. Android phones 14 years ago were very common, and the highest standard supported was USB 3.0. < / P > < p > type-C has been available since 2014. As the latest data interface, it is jointly developed by Microsoft, Intel and other companies on the basis of USB3.0. Usb3.1, which supports USB3.0 and above, has many advantages that traditional interfaces do not have. < / P > < p > supports fast charging of PD and provides up to 100W power output, which makes the charging speed of electronic devices faster. The current flagship mobile phones are all type-c; < / P > < p > it can transmit video and audio signals. What I deeply feel about today’s smart phones is that it cancels the 3.5mm headphone hole and uses the type-C interface for direct transmission, which reduces the number of holes on the body. It has better scalability, supports 800m / s ultra-high speed transmission, supports 4K video output, replaces HDMI, DVI, VGA and other interfaces, and only needs a type-C data line to expand the small screen to Big screen, really achieve “one mouth multi use”! < p > < p > type-C has so many advantages, but the promotion and use of type-C in the early stage is also relatively slow. The device used earlier is MacBook, and the earlier one used on mobile phone is LETV. However, its volume is not too large, which does not cause much attention. Then type-C is used in one plus two, and the following products all use C interface. < / P > < p > with the improvement of technology and the reduction of cost, the type-C interface is now widely used, and it is no longer the exclusive standard configuration of Android flagship mobile phones. Besides mobile phones, many notebook computers and mobile hard disks also have type-C interface. The constant unification of the interface makes it more convenient for people to use. < / P > < p > there is an exception. When Apple was on the iPhone 5, it used its own lightning interface, which supports forward and backward plug-in, and has been using it until now. Why has apple used the type-C interface for a long time, but not for the mobile phone? Lighttype-c has not been widely used by Apple since 2012, because the user experience of lighttype-c has not been widely used since 2012. However, Apple’s unique interface has led to the fact that the charging speed of Apple’s mobile phone can’t keep up with that of Android phone. Even the upcoming iPhone 12 only supports 20W fast charging. < / P > < p > after Apple’s lightning, it comes back to type-c. although type-C has many advantages, and mobile phones also have type-C interfaces, they are not fully utilized. Take the transmission rate as an example, the mobile phone supports usb3.1, but many standard data lines are not. On Yijia mobile phones and Huawei, USB 3.1 GEN1 is indicated in the parameters of mobile phones, but the standard data cable only supports USB 2.0. If you want to support USB 3.1 data cable, you have to buy it separately. Other domestic brands such as Xiaomi and Meizu are not marked at all. < / P > < p > I don’t know if you have found that the type-C data cable we usually use is usb-a at one end and usb-c at the other end. At the a port, we still need to distinguish the positive and negative directions, which will also affect the transmission rate. < / P > < p > then, a data line with type-C at both ends is generated. There is another way to call such a data line, which is C-to-C data line. This kind of data line is not a new thing now. After all, macbook’s dual-c data line has long been well-known. There are many products in any search of some treasure, and the price ranges from ten to hundreds yuan. However, compared with the price of a to C, the overall price is still higher. < / P > < p > for this kind of data cable, no mobile phone manufacturer has said that it is standard, because this standard configuration means that the charging head also needs to be replaced, so the cost will be much higher. In fact, this should be a major trend in the future development, and its characteristics are self-evident. < / P > < p > it is convenient for type-C devices to directly connect to type-C peripherals, such as mobile phones, computers, mobile hard disks, monitors, etc., through the C to C data cable connection, both ends do not need to distinguish the direction, completely blind plug in; < / P > < P > compared with traditional USB, dual type-C cable is more convenient than USB A-c data line has a contact point of PD protocol, which makes the charging speed faster. However, this contact also has other new functions, such as DP protocol video output, which is not supported by a to C data line. < / P > < p > the all-round type-C totype-c usb3.1gen2 data line can meet the requirements of fast charging and fast transmission, such as notebook computers, tablets, mobile phones and high-speed mobile hard disks for PD charging. < / P > < p > recently, Yijia announced the one plus 8t configuration that will be released on October 15. The charging power has been upgraded from 30W to 65W, and the charging power is 70% in 20 minutes. One of the upgrades is unexpected. It abandons the traditional USB a-c data cable and charging head, and uses dual type-C data cable and type-C plug. This should be the first mobile phone manufacturer to use this design. < / P > < p > before, I always thought that the 30W charger was a little big and a little heavy. This time, the volume and weight of the C-Port charger should be reduced, so it is more convenient to go out. < / P > < p > and it is also compatible with 45wpd protocol for fast charging. In this way, the added data cable and charger can quickly charge macbooks, laptops, mobile phones, game consoles and other devices that support PD protocol. When you go out, you can basically take it with you. New product launch