Down to 3000 yuan, ceramic body + snapdragon 865, Meizu 17pro start value

Recently, a lot of flagship phones released in the first half of the year have set off a wave of price reduction, but it is surprising that Meizu, the latest one, has become the fastest mobile phone with the fastest price reduction. Meizu 17 series was released in May this year, almost the last flagship phone in the first half of the year, several months later than other snapdragon 865 phones. But even so, Meizu 17, together with other flagship companies, has launched a price reduction mode, even worse than that of its friends. The top version of Meizu 17pro has fallen to 3000 yuan.

in the past two years, Meizu mobile phones have adopted a symmetrical and comprehensive screen design, which has become the most unique clean flow in the mobile phone circle, and has been loved by many people. However, Meizu 17pro has abandoned this appearance and adopted the common perforated screen, which is indeed a great pity. Fortunately, the perforated screen of Meizu 17pro looks very delicate. The opening is located in the upper right corner of the screen. The aperture is small and unobtrusive, and the border is controlled very narrow.

this mobile phone supports 90hz refresh rate when it was released, but Meizu has been upgraded to 120Hz mode through optimization. Meizu 17pro adopts all ceramic fuselage, and Meizu specially designs three solid color colors for it, which makes the fuselage full of artistic sense.

although Meizu 17pro was released late, its performance did not overturn. It is equipped with snapdragon 865 chip, equipped with the highest specification of flash memory, and its running points are in the forefront of the flagship of Xiaolong 865. Moreover, as a true flagship, Meizu 17pro not only adds the highly praised horizontal linear motor of Meizu, but also has dual loudspeakers and excellent sound effect. In addition, the full scene NFC also appears on Meizu 17pro. Usually, we can use it to replace the entrance guard card and bus card, which is very convenient to use.

it seems that the Meizu mobile phone has never been sent to DxOMark for evaluation, so many people think that the Meizu’s photography technology is relatively ordinary. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of Meizu. Although Meizu doesn’t publicize it very much, all the mobile phone users who have started Meizu mobile phone say that the photography level of Meizu flagship is absolutely super first-class. This Meizu 17pro uses a Sony imx686 sensor, which is the same model as one plus eight pro. From this, you can imagine how exquisite the Meizu 17pro hardware is. At the same time, the other three lenses of Meizu 17pro are all useful, covering all kinds of daily life photography scenes.

after the release of Meizu 17, insiders said that there was finally a mobile phone that could fight Xiaomi 10. In fact, the configuration of Meizu 17 is not inferior to Xiaomi 10 at all, and the price is hundreds of cheaper. Therefore, it should have got higher heat than millet. But like previous Meizu mobile phones, this year’s Meizu 17 is still not popular, and the sales volume is pitifully low. Now, the top configuration version of Meizu 17pro has dropped to 3000, which can be said to be the top configuration flagship with the lowest price. Now is definitely the best time to start. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865