Dual sense disassembly of Sony ps5 handle: explore the secret of adaptive trigger

Tom Warren, editor of the foreign media theverge, wrote in the article: “when I first picked up the new dualsense game handle of Playstation 5, I was completely shocked by tactile feedback and adaptive trigger.”. The ps5 is pre installed with Astro’s playbook games, which perfectly displays the game handle and its related functions. Touch feedback allows you to feel the environment in the game, while the adaptive trigger allows you to feel the pull when you pull the bow or rope. Tom Warren says it is easy to see it as another kind of strange vibration function, but the dualsense handle provides an experience beyond the Nintendo switch and Xbox game handles, even surpassing the best tactile feedback in modern smartphones. The adaptive trigger is a good supplement to tactile feedback, which really changes the experience of the game. According to the report of external media polygon, tronicsfix, the digital channel of oil pipe, disassembled the dualsense game handle and explored the secret of adaptive trigger. By disassembling, it was found that the dualsense handle used a special gear motor to provide a lifelike tension. When no current flows through the motor, the trigger is like a common trigger, but once the current flows through the motor, tension and resistance will be generated for the trigger. These triggers are the highlights of Astro’s playbook games. You can feel tension when you pull the rope in the game. This built-in game can even turn you into a load spring at some point, allowing you to feel the tension of the spring in the trigger. You can feel this tension in the following diagram. At present, Astro’s playbook can highlight the new features of these handles, but there will be more games to use dualsense sensors in the future. Fort night is planning to use tactile feedback on the dualsense handle to give players a sense of different gambles and the trigger will adapt to long-range weapons. In NBA 2k21, the adaptive trigger will change its power with the energy consumption of the player, thus increasing resistance on the sprint trigger. Ps5 exclusive games will also use adaptive triggers to feel different weapons, even when the sound of the gun jam will prevent the adaptive trigger. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”