During the epidemic period, the number of E-sports users increased by 26 million. Deng Yaping: no matter how we look at e-sports, the era has come

“You know I’m a fast runner, and if I’m slow, I can’t reach the ball. But I didn’t expect to play video games. I’m also very fast in sending people Deng Yaping, Olympic champion and table tennis woman’s singles Grand Slam winner, said with a smile that she played games with her son at home during the epidemic, which promoted the parent-child relationship. Recently, at the Boao 2020 global E-sports leaders summit in Hainan, Deng Yaping said: “no matter how our generation views e-sports, we must recognize that the era of E-sports has come.” < p > < p > at the summit, Tencent announced a series of heavy measures, such as reaching a strategic cooperation vision with Barcelona club. In terms of commercialization exploration, China’s E-sports is also learning from the traditional sports industry. Tencent also announced a new upgrade of sponsorship, copyright, franchising business plans. < / P > < p > for the e-sports industry, how to get rid of stereotypes and further popularize, and establish a mature commercialization system, is a very key proposition. Every reporter interviewed a number of participants, in their cognition, although the commercialization of E-sports has made some achievements, it is undeniable that it is still in the early stage and needs to learn from the traditional sports industry and innovate constantly. Recently, a lot of great events have taken place in the e-sports circle. For example, S10 is about to arrive as promised, the king’s glory World Championship and the TOC finals have been completed one by one. The king’s glory world champion has even begun to open tickets on a small scale, and the e-sports competition scene has begun to have a new audience. From the level of public discussion, Lu Han’s TV series are also popular, and their word-of-mouth is gradually rising. Tencent also announced the S10 plan at the meeting, and the global 10 + division is ready. In August 24th,

officially completed the acquisition of YTG team and entered the KPL occupation League. Micro-blog bought the TS team that won the championship in three place in the Kwai glory World Championship final. The addition of new forces makes people feel that the e-sports industry is attracting more giant companies. According to Nielsen, the total number of users of E-sports events increased by 26 million during the epidemic period, and more than 26% of users spent more time on E-sports entertainment during the epidemic period, and the average daily time spent on E-sports was about 2 hours. < p > < p > in 2020, China’s E-sports users are expected to reach 400 million, an increase of 14.3% year-on-year. With a huge user base, China’s E-sports has entered the stage of user sentiment cultivation, commercial value development and market segmentation operation. There is no doubt that a very important dimension is commercial income. In 2020, the global e-sports industry revenue will reach US $1.1 billion, with China contributing the largest share with us $385 million and up to 35%, followed by the North American market of US $253 million and the Western European market of US $201 million. < p > < p > the reporter learned that from 2018 to 2020, the average annual growth rate of Tencent’s E-sports sponsorship revenue was more than 40%, and the average growth rate of copyright income was 74%. There were 11 partners cooperating with Tencent E-sports for 3 years or more. < p > < p > Tencent has always been relatively low-key in the data release of commercial sponsorship of E-sports events. This year, LPL has ushered in new teams and new sponsors, and the business income has increased by more than 20%. The data that can be verified in the past is that in June 2018, Tencent E-sports announced that the total amount of sponsorship of the KPL King glory professional league in that year had exceeded 100 million yuan, and the largest single sponsorship scale reached 58 million yuan. At that time, the KPL competition system was established less than two years ago. < p > < p > after years of development, the business model of China’s e-sports industry has become more complete, and the income structure is close to that of the mature sports industry model. Some industry insiders told reporters that in the past, the income sources of E-sports were mainly copyright and sponsorship, but now, more commercial model innovation has been launched around the traditional sports business model. In order to stimulate the diversification of e-sports, it is more important to explore the new direction of E-sports. < p > < p > in terms of commercialization, Hou Miao, vice president of Tencent games and head of Tencent’s E-sports business, said frankly that the commercialization of E-sports has not reached a mature stage, and he thinks it should be the initial stage. “If you’re not strong enough to talk about commercialization, it’s a risky or even irresponsible way.” < p > < p > four years ago, Tencent proposed that E-sports has entered the golden five years of development. This time, Tencent believes that the golden five years have entered a sprint year. Hou Miao told reporters that sports, technology and business opening are the goals of the year, and the main thing to do in the first three years is to lay a good foundation. From the perspective of a traditional sports player, Deng Yaping believes that a world-class competitive event can not stand without sound training and construction, which includes long-term technical and tactical reserves and research and development, as well as the training of talent team, and even touch the needs of professional trainers. These require manufacturers to invest more funds and research and development Only by supporting and even taking out considerable profits and assuming social responsibility without seeking return can we truly form a mass base. Ren Yuxin, chief operating officer of Tencent, also said that although there has never been a lack of queries along the way, E-sports is the product of the current era, and is the result of continuous interaction and continuous evolution between the sports industry and the entire digital society, and E-sports cannot be viewed in isolation. < / P > < p > do not look at E-sports in isolation, it is necessary for E-sports to go out of the small circle and further accelerate the popularization process. Even though the e-sports industry sometimes breaks the circle through film and TV series, players and competitions, on the whole, stereotypes still exist for the e-sports industry, and the industry people will still be troubled by the incomprehension of the outside world. < p > < p > E-sports should be accepted by more people. The combination of E-sports and city is a way Tencent is trying to explore. In recent years, many cities have begun to get close to E-sports. For example, Hainan wants to build an international E-sports port, Shanghai wants to build a global E-sports City, and Chengdu is a city of E-sports culture. < / P > < p > the combination of E-sports and city is mainly the landing of events and clubs, and behind it is the continuous deepening of regional development of E-sports. The reporter learned that seven top leagues, such as LPL, KPL and pel, have landed at the club’s home courts in 10 cities, with more than 10000 popular matches. Take the regionalization of King’s glory as an example, nine clubs in KPL League have started regionalization. For example, an NBA team belongs to its city first. This city is not only related to the development of clubs, but also an important link between clubs and users. But different from traditional sports, E-sports is a new format, and the threshold of watching games is higher than that of traditional sports. “For example, basketball, football, even if you are not a senior fan, but the goal is to understand, video games are different, do not understand the words really do not understand.” < / P > < p > for clubs, it is also difficult for clubs to localize their home and E-sports. Pan Jie, CEO of Hangzhou LGD geese club, believes that the most important challenge is to think about the logic of home commercialization. “Whether it is a physical space, a competition venue, or an interactive space for commercial formats is the biggest challenge for the club.” Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865