DWG “inspirational story” is popular, coach anti-cancer for 3 years, ghost’s life experience is more wonderful than JKL

The S10 world cup has come to an end, and DWG has been crowned the “new king”. It has to be said that in the four games against Sn, everyone’s play is very brilliant. DWG’s less error rate and stronger team cooperation are worthy of this year’s championship trophy. Behind every success is an unknown effort and a different story. Today’s leading role DWG naturally has his own story, and their “inspirational story” has not only aroused heated discussion among LPL players, but also moved many players. Their inspirational level is no less than that of all the members of the & quot; mountain team & Ig & quot; Ig, and the coach’s story is even more tearful. The life experience of ghost, the ad player of DWG, is more than that of the other players; Jackylove is even more wonderful. < p > < p > in the beginning, DWG was not sponsored by anyone. It was a veritable & quot; Internet cafe team. If their boss didn’t bring their friends who sell their own display screens to sponsor them, they might have died before they started. At the beginning, there were no canyons and ghost players. At the beginning, the old players were nuguri, showmarker and beryl. When there was no sponsorship, the old team members all slept on the upper and lower bunks. Because of nuguri’s large size, there was no room for him in the bedding, so they laid them on the floor directly. It was not until last year that DWG entered the national finals with the spirit of each as the last, that there were sponsors willing to support it. < / P > < p > speaking of the coach of DWG, zefa may be a stranger to domestic players. At the beginning, zefa, like smile and factory director, is a professional player, and later he transformed into a coach. At the beginning of 2013, zefa played for the Najin team as the main ad team. In 2014, zefa participated in the S4 finals with the team, but was defeated by the OMG. At the end of 2015, zefa was forced to retire for treatment due to cancer. In 2017, he returned to the KDM team coach. After a lot of twists and turns, he turned to the current DWG team at S10. During his coaching career, he had cancer recurrence experience, but this did not kill coach zefa, who still works in his own position, providing the strongest guarantee for DWG to win the championship this year. < / P > < p > in Lck, the ad of DWG is recognized as its biggest short board. Without the wonderful operation of nurugi and showmarker, there are many times that the output proportion is even worse than that of wild canyons, and the support speed is far less than that of beryl, which can slip away at any time. The data almost all count down in the ad list of Lck. But in the world cup, the ad player who was once relegated to the secondary League and was not favored everywhere, proved himself with his lowest death lens, the least error rate and the most stable group war output! This player is far less wonderful than his team’s top single and middle single players, but he can use his most stable play to ensure the output of the whole group war. The life experience of the champion from ad to S10 of the relegated team is even more wonderful than that of ah Shui. < / P > < p > this team reminds me of the Rox tiger of S5 and we of S2. They are just a group of teenagers who simply pursue their dreams. During the training process, their whole team has no sponsorship or support, and some are just difficult and difficult. But what supports them to the present is not their original dream? If there is no dream of support, how can these teams completely leave their reputation for future generations to praise it? I think, in this era of Internet development, I hope that no matter which fans of the team or players in the competition area, you can give more encouragement to these young people who dare to pursue their dreams! Because they will not give up because they are down and down, only because of hardship and progress, only so full of love, wholeheartedly into the players can bring us the best performance. Privacy Policy