DxO new list: Huawei is out of the top 10, Samsung is the biggest winner!

DxO is no stranger to you. Its full name is DxOMark. It is a well-known camera rating website in the world. In the early stage, it was famous for evaluating SLR cameras. Later, Huawei P20 series took part in the camera evaluation and finally got the first score in the world. Since then, DxOMark has been well known by Chinese people, and it is also a mobile phone list that users often refer to when buying a machine. After evaluating the camera and audio projects of mobile phones, DxO announced that it had entered a new field and began to evaluate smart phone screens. For < / P > < p > DxO, the first screen test list was released. Huawei was not in the top 10, and apple was second in the first place! This ranking is quite different from the ranking of mobile phone scores. Apple and Samsung, which were ranked the bottom before, became the biggest winners. Among them, Samsung Galaxy notes 20 ultra 5g ranked first with 89 points, which is worthy of being the screen player king! Samsung is a time-honored screen giant, and has monopolized nearly 90% of the OLED panel business in the world. Whether it is Xiaomi, apple or Yijia mobile phone, its screen suppliers are all from Samsung. However, each mobile phone manufacturer has different adjustment plans, so there are differences in screen image quality! < p > < p > Samsung note20 ultra 5g not only won the first place in DxO screen, but also got the highest a + rating in the ranking of displaymate, another professional screen testing agency. It supports the second generation dynamic AMOLED with 120Hz high-speed screen design and 6.9-inch 3088 * 1440 resolution. With the unique ltpo Technology, it can be regarded as a textbook in the screen market! In other words, Samsung’s technological advantages in the field of screen almost can’t be surpassed by its friends. As a domestic mobile phone king, one plus 8 Pro performs well with 88 screen scores, ranking second in the world, even ahead of Samsung S20 Ultra. < / P > < p > one plus 8 Pro supports 2K 120Hz refresh rate design, makes a lot of algorithm optimization for the screen, supports hdr10 + dynamic range and self adaptation, and gets displaymate a + rating, breaking 13 smartphone display records of the evaluation agency. Liu zuohu said that Yijia spent hundreds of millions to customize this OLED screen, and finally surpassed the iPhone 11 Pro Max! Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra 5g ranked third with 87 points, followed by TCL 10 pro, which is not well-known. However, oppo finx2 pro, which claimed to be the king of domestic screen machine, finally ranked sixth with 76 points, which was lower than the market expectation! < / P > < p > as the most expensive model of Xiaomi on sale, Xiaomi 10 supreme version screen ranks the 7th. It adopts the domestic OLED screen scheme, supports 6.67 inch hyperbolic AMOLED, 2340 x 1080 pixel resolution design, and the screen refresh rate is also up to 120 Hz, and the image quality is first-class! Unfortunately, Huawei, a domestic mobile phone giant, is not in the top 10. Even Huawei’s p40pro is not on the list. It seems that BOE’s OLED screen is still a long way from Samsung’s! With the new DxO list coming out, one plus eight pro and iPhone 11 promax, which lag behind in camera scores, have both gone against the screen list, and Samsung note20 ultra has become the biggest winner. What’s your comment on this? 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!