E-sports adventure of energy drinks: who changed the pattern

On June 24, Acer, a famous computer brand, launched a new product, predator series of functional drinks, at a new product launch conference. Predator is Acer’s brand dedicated to E-sports services, including desktop computers, laptops and other products. Today, energy drinks are added to the product line.

at the press conference, Acer president said two interesting points: one is, “according to our internal investigation, energy drinks are very popular among game players. “The second is that” the introduction of energy drinks is influenced by red bull.

according to a recent survey by newzoo, 80% of game players eat and drink when playing games. In this report, they also mentioned the sub area of energy drinks. Gamers have a more positive attitude towards energy drinks than non gamers. In addition, the report also points out that in the Chinese market, 36% of players will drink energy drinks while playing games.

in recent years, the development speed of e-sports industry is obvious to all. As a result, a large number of brands began to see the potential of e-sports, and joined hands with E-sports clubs and companies to enter this “young” industry. The rapid development of the e-sports industry, in addition to attracting new brands into the owners, has made the brands that have long laid out E-sports reaped huge dividends.

among these brands, Red Bull is included. As early as 2006, Red Bull began to set up e-sports, becoming a “veteran” functional beverage brand in the field of E-sports.

Red Bull’s advantages as pioneers have also made them famous among E-sports fans. Their influence has also spread over the entire field of e-sports, from different game categories to different clubs and players, to E-sports venues, event naming and television broadcasting production. In 2018 alone, red bull’s investment expenditure in E-sports reached 578 million US dollars.

but at the same time, Red Bull has also brought high returns. One of the most typical examples is the og team. In 2018 and 2019, the og team sponsored by Red Bull won the championship again in the largest international invitational tournament, becoming the only team to win the championship twice in the history of the event. As the largest event, Ti has great influence in the world.

at present, Red Bull sponsored E-sports clubs, including G2, north, og, big, cloud9, 100 thieves, span all kinds of game projects. In addition, they are the official beverage partner of LEC.

but red bull is not the only big player in the field of E-sports. In 2012, an energy drink named “g fuel” was launched, aiming at the “game” segment from the beginning. The purpose of this drink is to help players relieve fatigue when playing games.

as a sport, E-sports requires extremely high reaction speed, sensitivity, observation and control ability of the overall event, and also requires a strong psychological quality in the process of competition. When the game is stuck, it is a test of both players’ mental and physical strength.

just like athletes sweating on the field like drinking Gatorade after rain, E-sports also requires players to pay a lot of brain power and sports, and also need to supplement energy in a short period of time, so as to maintain their high mood and state.

according to the founders, the idea came to mind in 2008. He felt very tired while playing games with his friends. In order to get rid of this state quickly, he took a lot of sugary drinks and recovered in a short time, but this state didn’t last long.

so he began to consider the development of functional drinks for game players. After four years of development and blending, they finally determined the formula of the drink. In 2012, “g fuel” came out and touted itself as “the official functional drink of E-sports”. ”

although the name had the meaning of selling melons at the time of its launch, after eight years of development,” g fuel “has gradually established itself in the European and American markets. According to the data, the potential reach of G fuel brand has reached 70 million, even surpassing Red Bull.

at the end of last year, PepsiCo launched a functional drink called “game fuel” for the e-sports market. The most special thing about this product is its packaging design. It’s easy to open and re seal the lid and has a textured, non slip feel, and is ideal for target groups – players who can’t stop playing to open a complex lid during the game.

at present, “game fuel” is the official cooperative beverage of ESL professional league. According to relevant data released by zoom, ESL fans like the brand 4.8 times more than ordinary fans.

in the domestic market, in the eyes of the e-sports audience, there is no functional beverage with the highest brand recognition than zhanma. This energy drink launched by Huabin group in 2016 has taken E-sports marketing as one of its core strategies from the beginning. In 2017, zhanma became the official sponsor of LPL, and the cooperation between the two sides has continued until now.

in addition, as a giant in the field of functional drinks, Dongpeng teyin has also set its eyes on the e-sports industry. From sponsoring seven rainbow CGU in 2016, sponsoring Neso national E-sports open in 2017, and becoming the official energy drink designated by RNG in 2018, Dongpeng teyin has continuously pressed the well-known teams and events in the e-sports circle, and has penetrated into the circle of young people through E-sports.

in January this year, a beverage named “buff charm” was launched on tmall, which attracted the attention of game and E-sports circles. As you can see from the name, this is a functional drink specially designed for game players. Since its launch, buff has gradually increased his popularity by working with well-known anchors and teams.

it is worth mentioning that although Coca Cola’s magic claw is a foreign brand, it has made many brilliant attempts and cases in the field of E-sports in the Chinese market. Magic claw once held hands with the famous LPL team we in 2017, and the cooperation between the two sides lasted for one year. In addition, they were the official sponsors of uecl college E-sports League. In 2018, Talons become PSG.LGD The official beverage partner of. At present, the two sides still maintain cooperative relations. Magic claw also launched a joint brand bottle in 2019.

according to the data of AI media consulting, the scale of China’s functional beverage market maintains an annual growth trend from 2011 to 2018, from only 9 billion yuan in 2011 to 36.2 billion yuan in 2018, and is expected to rise to 48.6 billion yuan in 2021, with rapid growth and huge potential.

“at each pause, the players walk out of the court and pick up the green cup with the Gatorade logo to drink.” fans who often watch NBA are not unfamiliar with such images. Gatorade has established its dominant position in the sports beverage market by binding with NBA and other major events. After sports, drinking Gatorade has become one of the habits of many fans.

Nowadays, the system of E-sports events has been gradually improved. The huge number of young users behind and the continuous increase in business value make brand owners compete to seize this new value depression. Among them, the functional beverage which perfectly matches the sports attributes of E-sports takes E-sports as the key field.

However, this market with a variety of products is still waiting for its own “Gatorade”. This requires the brand side to clarify its market positioning, and further occupy the minds of fans through brilliant marketing, binding with large-scale events, and strengthening their own E-sports attributes. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”