Each of the four reasons for Huawei’s invincibility is enough to make western countries cold!

Since 2018, China’s high-tech enterprises have been caught in a storm of sanctions by the United States. After ZTE was cut off chip supply by the United States, the production of ZTE was shut down and ended up with an indemnity of US $862 million. < / P > < p > when the United States tried to deal with Huawei in the same way, it encountered obstacles everywhere. Under the strong sanctions of the United States, Huawei became famous in the international community, Huawei mobile phones surpassed apple, and 5g technology occupied the global highland. < / P > < p > until now, the United States has never given up the idea of imposing sanctions on Huawei. On the contrary, trump has begun to intensify his efforts to crack down on Huawei’s development with the strength of the whole country. < / P > < p > although Huawei’s chip supply channel has been temporarily blocked, it does not mean that the game has reached the end. In the long run, Huawei is likely to fight back and become a giant in the science and technology field. < / P > < p > first, Huawei strives to build an industrial infrastructure. As we all know, the era of industrial Internet is mainly divided into three industrial segments, namely, the upstream of the industrial chain, the midstream of the industrial chain and the downstream of the industrial chain. < / P > < p > the upstream mainly produces intelligent hardware devices, the midstream is responsible for providing the industrial Internet platform, and the downstream is reflected in the application scenarios, and the three are in absolute order, that is, the upstream serves the downstream. Like rivers, once the upstream water flow is cut off, the downstream will be dry. Huawei is now in the research and development stage of the upstream. < / P > < p > western countries have always firmly grasped the upstream industrial chain, while China has always been in the downstream of the industrial chain. In the past, western countries were not afraid of China’s development because they grasped the core pillar of the industrial structure. Just like a big tree, the west is the trunk, while China is the branch. If the trunk shakes, the branch will shake. < / P > < p > Second, Huawei’s audience is the world. From Huawei mobile phones to Huawei terminal equipment, small to individuals, large to enterprises and even countries, these are Huawei’s audience groups. With the support of 1.4 billion Chinese people, Huawei will only become more and more powerful. Third, Huawei’s development meets the needs of global enterprises. TSMC used to be Huawei’s largest chip supplier. In order to make Huawei’s chip supply better and more stable, Ren Zhengfei took the initiative to give TSMC higher processing costs. Huawei did this not only to TSMC, but also to other enterprises. < / P > < p > in this way, Huawei gives up the majority of profits to cooperative enterprises and compresses its own profit space, which can not only ensure the smooth supply of Huawei products, but also ensure the long-term development of both sides. Fourth, Huawei’s ecological construction. Perhaps in our impression, Huawei only does research and development of mobile phone and 5g technology, which is far more than that. In addition, Huawei leads the world in chip design. Huawei TV, Huawei tablet, router, communication equipment, operating system and peripheral products are all favored by users. How can such a comprehensive intelligent ecosystem be easily destroyed? < / P > < p > to sum up, the reason why Huawei is able to survive under the high-pressure sanctions of the world’s superpowers is not only because of the support of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, but also because of Huawei’s solid technical structure, which cannot be pushed down by the United States, but is rejected by the reaction force. < / P > < p > more help from the right way, less help from the wrong way! Huawei’s tenacity has sounded an alarm for China’s industrial structure. It is urgent to adhere to the upstream development of the industrial chain. Only in this way can China’s science and technology be built. Science Discovery