Easy insurance creates insurance for everyone

In recent years, China has focused on national health insurance. In 2014, China initiated the crowdfunding model for serious diseases, and has been developing to this day. It is a well deserved industry leader. In order to extend the assistance for the people with serious diseases to pre prevention, the easy financing platform has launched the Internet insurance protection section, which is a “boutique shop” for Internet health insurance, Minimize the cost of choice for consumers. < / P > < p > easygoing and strict selection adheres to the continuous launch of conscience health insurance products. Each of them has outstanding advantages, and its competitiveness is always “online”. In addition, it constantly enriches its own products, showing a reasonable layout of long and short-term insurance, which can meet the needs of users with different economic conditions, ages and consumption concepts, The rapid improvement of the product structure of the platform has not only improved the purchase conversion rate, but also increased the repurchase rate, which has attracted the attention of peers and capital markets. < / P > < p > after the rise of Internet insurance, the most popular health insurance product in the market is millions of medical insurance. With hundreds of yuan and more than 1000 yuan of premium, millions of health insurance products are used to leverage millions of insurance. With huge leverage, a large number of low-income people can afford insurance and participate in insurance. As an Internet insurance platform for more than half of the insured users born after 90 years, the high-quality short-term insurance guarantee with low premium and high security is the key to winning the “young people’s first insurance policy” with ease and strict selection, and also the basis for providing services continuously in the long life cycle of young users. < / P > < p > in June 2020, the company launched the “sunshine love health million medical insurance insurance” exclusively in cooperation with sunshine insurance, which helped 50 million users to leverage big insurance with small expenses. The product has the advantages of low premium amount, high insurance amount, comprehensive coverage, unreasonable compensation incentive, claims renewable insurance, and full value-added services, Relaxed and strict selection has made great efforts to make up for the two “short boards” of short-term insurance guarantee. After thoroughly studying the needs of users, the relaxed and strict insurance group and the sunshine insurance guarantee group have sacrificed their strength to the target market. < / P > < p > in order to make the product more competitive, “sunshine love health million medical insurance insurance” promises that insured users can still renew insurance after claim settlement and physical illness, and the maximum coverage can be extended to 100 years old, so as to ensure long-term security. In terms of claim setting, unreasonable compensation incentive is introduced. If there is no claim in the whole year, the maximum reduction of 1000 yuan will be made in the next year to attract high-quality users to participate in the insurance. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally