Einstein can not solve the problem, is still a mystery today, may be a new world!

Today, there are still many phenomena that science can’t explain, but they really exist. The continuous development of science is a fact, but it is a hard and long process. There are many problems that can not be explained by the existing knowledge and science. < / P > < p > scientists divide our present world into macro world and micro world. In the macro world, there are many physical laws that are well known. In our daily life, we are always in contact with these physical laws, such as inertial gravity, etc. It is precisely because we live in the macro world, so these laws are traceable, but we know very little about the micro world, because in this world, many things we can’t see with our eyes, and the chances of contacting them are very few. < / P > < p > in the study of the micro world, a new concept called quantum mechanics is introduced. At the beginning of the 20th century, Planck’s research on blackbody radiation aroused the curiosity of many scientists. The so-called quantum mechanics is to study the laws of particle motion in the micro world. Subsequently, many scientists joined the ranks of quantum mechanics, including Einstein and Schrodinger. At this time, they were surprised to find that the physical law of the micro world is completely different from that of the macro world in which we live. These are two completely opposite concepts. < / P > < p > in the macro world, it is difficult to change the state of an object without external interference. Even if it can be changed, it will take a long time. However, in the micro world, particles are always moving. If we don’t keep observing, we can’t judge the specific position of these particles. We can only convert them by probability 。 Take the simplest example of electron observation. Everything we see with our eyes is reflected into the retina and imaged in the brain. However, the electron is too small. It is easy to fly it in the process of light reflection. Therefore, the electron we see has already deviated from its original position and may be affected by external factors, which may be relatively large. In the study of quantum mechanics, in addition to its uncertain factors, Einstein also discovered the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. In short, the so-called quantum entanglement is that the speed of two quanta in the process of entanglement can exceed the speed of light after collision, and it is impossible to realize the phenomenon that particles collide faster than light speed in the macro world. If quantum entanglement can appear in the macro world, then many of the problems we are facing can be solved. The plots in science fiction movies are no longer illusions, but will become reality. The transmission of objects in different spaces can be completed in a short time. However, it has been proved that quantum entanglement is a phenomenon that science has been unable to explain. Neither Einstein nor modern scientists have been able to solve the secret of quantum entanglement. If you want to explain this magical phenomenon, it may take a longer time for scientific development. What’s your opinion on this? Science Discovery