Electromagnetic gun battleship has a head, the earth can not go to space, why can space revive the Big Mac

A few days ago, Xiaobian sent an article on the electromagnetic gun in his own media account. The content of the article is whether the electromagnetic gun can revive the battleship, a giant marine beast, in the future. Two days after the article was sent out, more than 700 comments have been received. Most netizens agree with Xiaobian’s statement, that is, history will not reverse, and battleship + electromagnetic gun still has no head in modern ocean war. However, some netizens put forward the idea of outer space and thought that we should not be too limited to look at the problems. < / P > < p > in fact, although the electromagnetic gun sounds very attractive, in the final analysis, its firing mode is no different from that of gunpowder weapon. One is to use the chemical energy of gunpowder into kinetic energy to push the projectile to hit the target; the other is to convert the electromagnetic energy into kinetic energy to push the projectile to hit the target. They all follow the so-called law of conservation of physical energy. Since the same theory is used, the problem of air resistance and energy attenuation will also exist in the electromagnetic gun. So it’s actually about the same range as a traditional battleship. However, this article only analyzes the earth’s environment. What about the space environment? < p > < p > first of all, the space environment is a vacuum environment, there is no air resistance in the vacuum environment, so there is no so-called friction in theory. No matter a person or an object, if you give him a force, it will continue to move. Of course, if it is in a relatively high orbit, it will probably be pulled back to the earth by gravity. Therefore, in many film and television works, the vacuum environment will be emphasized whenever it is a space theme, and astronauts will tie a rope to themselves when they get out of the cabin. In order to avoid accidents, they fly away from the spaceship and become a floating object in space, doing so-called “circular motion” around the earth. < / P > < p > in the space environment, if you fire a gun, you will find that the range of the bullet will be greatly increased. Because there is no air resistance, it will fly all the time. Similarly, if it is an electromagnetic gun, the result will be almost the same after one shot. Therefore, the electromagnetic gun with a range of tens of kilometers on the ground may become hundreds or even thousands of kilometers in space 。 As a result, the difference between the operational radius of the electromagnetic gun in space and that of the aircraft carrier is small, and it is difficult for both sides to distinguish which combat effectiveness is stronger. It’s basically a state of equality. However, in terms of cost and attack power, it is obvious that the battleship equipped with electromagnetic guns will have more advantages in space. After all, it has the ability to attack itself. Once there is no such obstacle as range, the aircraft carrier can not beat the battleship. < / P > < p > and the combination of electromagnetic gun and battleship has already appeared in film and television works, that is, the Star Destroyer hotly discussed by netizens. A Star Destroyer can destroy a planet, which is a very domineering weapon! If it can be built, it will be mentioned again in space. < / P > < p > but then again, the Star Destroyer has been involved in another world, and it has gone beyond the concept of our original discussion. We were born on the earth and grew up on the earth. Naturally, we still have to discuss and debate everything around the earth. This mysterious place in space needs us to explore and discover in the future. I don’t know about the electromagnetic gun and battleship, you have any good opinions and ideas, you can continue to leave us a message for discussion, welcome to make bricks, I also accept with an open mind. Skip to content