Embarrassed domestic manufacturers thought they had broken the rule of the giants, but they still had to look at others’ faces?

Today, the competition in the mobile phone industry has gradually risen to a new level. The emergence of 5g has brought a new opportunity and development opportunity to various mobile phone manufacturers. Whether Huawei or Xiaomi, or Yijia and Meizu, which were not seen much in the domestic market, have begun to make frequent efforts in 5g, so as to be able to compete in today’s fierce market To win their own place. < / P > < p > in addition, the competition among apple, Samsung and Huawei is also continuing. In particular, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 this year is more sincere. The price of the 5g baseband of Qualcomm and the price of iPhone 11 are basically the same. Although there is no charger, many people have already called out “Zhenxiang” in front of the price. Huawei’s mate 40 series is also highly anticipated. After all, mate series represents Huawei’s high-end identity. The frequent exposure of Kirin 1020 makes Huawei’s mate series full of mystery this year. However, when it comes to Samsung, one of the three giants, many people may scoff at it. Even mentioning this brand is just a laugh. The international giant’s domestic market share can almost be described as bleak. From the original dominance to the present regret defeat, less than 1% of the market share has almost declared the failure of Samsung in the domestic market. Even Samsung closed the last OEM factory in China last year, which also declared that Samsung’s status in China is not as good as before. This gives many people a feeling that Samsung is going to die, Samsung has already fallen, Samsung has been knocked down by a number of domestic mobile phones, Samsung is not going to live long, and so on, and so on, all these remarks begin to spread among the crowd, but is this the actual situation? < / P > < p > although Samsung has basically disappeared in China, the overseas market is still booming. Samsung’s main market share is abroad, and Samsung’s domestic sales alone are not very important at present. On the other hand, Samsung, which many people despise, actually supports many mobile phone manufacturers. Because Samsung occupies an important position in the supply chain of the major mobile phone manufacturers, it is not too much to describe it as holding the “lifeline”. < / P > < p > for example, in today’s market, most of Huawei’s products use the screens of BOE, and other domestic mobile phones basically use Samsung screens, and apple is no exception. For example, Samsung’s market share of OLED is more than 80%. < / P > < p > at the same time, in addition to the screen, Samsung also occupies a relatively high position in the flash memory market. Many mobile phone manufacturers still supply the flash memory from Samsung. Others are COF packaging technology, 100 million pixel CMOS and so on, which are all made by Samsung. So Samsung is not only a giant in the mobile phone industry, but also a giant in the supply chain. However, this is also an embarrassing point for domestic manufacturers at present. A large number of domestic consumers and manufacturers think that they have defeated Samsung and broken the rule of giants. However, it still depends on people’s face in the end, because one carelessness may cause some unexpected consequences. The main reason for Samsung’s failure in the domestic market is its attitude towards consumers. After the Note7 incident, Samsung did not make corresponding compensation to domestic users in a timely manner, which caused dissatisfaction among a large number of domestic consumers. In addition, Samsung was in the ascendant period of domestic mobile phones at that time, which laid a foreshadowing for Samsung’s failure. In fact, up to now, Samsung’s service attitude to domestic users has not changed much. Recently, Samsung’s mobile phone server went down, and the official didn’t give a solution and reply in time for several days in a row, which once again let many “star fans” down, so its position dropped again. Therefore, I think that Samsung’s failure is only reflected in the domestic market. However, we should not judge the success or failure of an enterprise simply based on the situation of the domestic market. After all, there are so many domestic manufacturers looking to Samsung. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer