Enable large screen social networking, gather good-looking, hold partner forum, win-win TV new track

After the release of a new generation of social TV S7f on September 3, Hisense has carried new news in the field of large screen interaction. On September 9, jumeiai technology, a leading home Internet AI company under Hisense, held a partner forum. Together with partners such as Ali, iqiyi, Tencent, Baidu, byte beat volcano engine, iFLYTEK, microblog, baobabus, etc., we focused on the social environment, behavior pattern and industry trend jointly generated by new technology and epidemic situation, and jointly explained that “display is everywhere” Service is everywhere. “. < / P > < p > the transformation brought by new technologies to the TV industry is being highlighted by Jujia: in the first half of 2020, the monthly activity of Juai AI voice interaction increased by 95%, the AI image interactive product “small Ju Zhi Tu” increased by 97%, education channel increased by 95%, k-song increased by 128%, and fitness duration increased by 36%. < / P > < p > if we say that the adherence to the core display technology supports Hisense’s strategy of “display everywhere” and continuously strengthens the capability of big data cloud platform, it constitutes the “strongest brain” for gathering and viewing AI full scene services. Yu Zhitao, vice president of Hisense Group and general manager of Jumei technology, said that at present, juaihao has built a platform technology supported by container cloud platform and big data / AI platform. It has continuously evolved technology platform, built hybrid cloud capability and precipitated AI capability, and its platform availability has reached 99.97%, which is in the leading position in the industry. < / P > < p > a healthy and powerful wisdom center is the premise for jumeihao technology to provide smart services based on tens of millions of families. With the goal of serving home users, we will continue to optimize existing large screen products such as movies and games, develop new products, and improve user experience. In August last year, Hisense launched hi table, its first large screen social networking system, and simultaneously launched social TV equipped with smart cameras. Based on the social relationship chain, real-time audio and video, human key point detection, image recognition and other capabilities, the social large screen innovation has expanded the core use scenarios of 6-way video call, shared projection hall, cross screen karaoke, AI fitness, etc., once again leading the industry trend. < p > < p > one year later, based on big data and user pain point analysis, Hisense launched a new generation of social TV S7f. It is not only the original NAS private cloud and panoramic pan tilt camera, but also popular for its outstanding performance in many scenes such as family entertainment, conference and office, online education, etc. < p > < p > according to the data of Jujia, the family activity of social TV is 10% higher than that of smart TV, with 1.6 video calls per day for more than 10 minutes, 9.6 times a day for more than 1 hour, and 3.2 times a day for more than 20 minutes. < / P > < p > based on the research and judgment of big data and technology trends, jumeihao technology believes that in the future, what users need is not a “TV”, but applications and services they are interested in. < / P > < p > if we say that in the “Internet TV Era”, we can see, learn, play and buy four core scenes to serve “red out of the circle”, then in the era of 5g + aiot, we will expand our services to more fields, such as social networking, education, film watching, office, travel, games, music, fitness, medical treatment, etc In the future, Juai will continue to explore new artificial intelligence technology, deeply insight and study the changes of users’ future lifestyle, and continuously upgrade and iterate large screen scenes. Duan Youqiao, President of iqiyi new technology consumer business group, believes that the trend of TV interaction in the future is to integrate remote control, voice, screen projection, vision and IOT, and the principle of TV interaction is “no need to think, feedback is comfortable and fast”. In the field of big screen cloud games, Huang Xin, director of Tencent’s PCG Ecological Cooperation Department, said: with Tencent’s two core advantages of copyright and experience, together with the display and operation advantages of Hisense TV and juaomei cloud platform, the two sides will jointly expand the blue ocean market. In the field of education, Yan Nai Ping, the founder of AI, thinks that the education provided by Yan Nai Ping is unique in the field of education. Whether it is “cloud start school” during the epidemic period or “home school linkage” in the post epidemic era, AI empowerment makes it possible to “determine teaching by learning”. In 5g era, everything is connected. Cao Yang, general manager of Baidu Internet of things, said that Tiangong Internet of things will be able to gather good looks from multiple dimensions such as voice interaction, video interaction and virtual reality interaction, so as to help realize “service everywhere”. < p > < p > Yu Zhitao introduced at the forum, “Hisense video technology, supported by core display technology, builds a multi scene display product line; builds a multi scene display and interaction platform based on cloud platform; and develops into a multi scene system display solution provider in three years. Realize the company strategy of showing everywhere and serving everywhere, and create high-end and high-value technology brand. ” Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?