Encounter these 7 kinds of situations, you may be “monitored”, please turn off your mobile phone!

With the continuous development of the Internet age, science and technology not only changes people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, but also gives some illegal elements the opportunity to take advantage of. Especially in the field of smart phones, due to the increasing dependence of users on mobile phones, coupled with the Internet “fueling the flames”, this directly leads to more and more network fraud. Therefore, more and more people have paid attention to mobile phone security. Once the following seven situations appear, it means that your mobile phone is likely to be “monitored”.

in the first case, I believe many people have tried to dial their own mobile phone number with their own phones. If they can get through accidentally at this time, it is undoubtedly a very dangerous signal, which means that your mobile phone is likely to be “monitored”. Because under normal circumstances, when we dial our mobile phone number, we can’t be answered. There will be some voice prompts in the phone, such as: the other party is in a call, or the beep is busy. And once you can connect, it means that your mobile phone has been invaded by viruses. It is through these viruses that criminals collect your call information.

the second situation is that the mobile phone suddenly becomes stuck, and there is also a temporary failure of the buttons. That means that the mobile phone may have been hit by this “monitoring” Trojan horse or virus. In the process of “monitoring”, they will constantly store information, and then consume the memory of the mobile phone. In this way, the mobile phone will naturally become more and more stuck. So in this case, you should carefully check the mobile phone. If it is not caused by the normal memory or the damage of the mobile phone, it will cause great attention.

the third phenomenon is that in the process of a mobile phone call, if there is continuous noise or echo, then the mobile phone may also be “monitored”. After all, the coverage of the Internet has become more and more extensive, coupled with the continuous popularity of 5g, the signal of mobile phone will only get better and better, and the network speed will only become faster and faster. In this case, the mobile phone should rarely encounter noise or echo when talking. Once you encounter this situation, it is likely that your mobile phone has been “monitored”, because the noise or echo is the “side effect” of the monitoring program, and sometimes it will carry some other people’s voice.

the fourth is that the mobile phone often has a black screen, which we should attach great importance to. Although the mobile phone has been used for a long time, some problems will appear, such as black screen. However, if there are frequent non-human factors of black screen phenomenon, we should pay special attention to it, because if we want to “monitor” mobile phone users, we need to change and operate the hardware and other functions of the mobile phone, and the black screen phenomenon is more conducive to criminals tampering with mobile phone hardware through virus software. Therefore, in the process of using the mobile phone, once there is no reason to flash back or the black screen caused by insufficient memory, it is very likely that the mobile phone has been infected with a virus and is in the state of “monitoring”.

in the fifth case, the mobile phone is suddenly interrupted during normal communication, including the current wechat voice call or video call. If such a phenomenon occurs when the signal is stable, it is likely that the mobile phone is “monitored”. At this time, we must pay special attention not to chat with the other party about personal information Or the bank code.

as for the sixth situation, strange numbers will appear in your mobile phone address book for no reason, and these numbers have not been added at all. If such a phenomenon appears, we should pay attention to it. We should be careful not to “monitor” the mobile phone because some criminals will “monitor” the user’s mobile phone by adding a mobile phone number, and track the information through the user’s voice record. So in this case, we must first delete these obscure mobile phone numbers.

the last case is that the phone charges and traffic usage in the mobile phone suddenly increase. This phenomenon may also be that the mobile phone is “monitored”. Because lawbreakers want to “monitor” mobile phones, they need to download some software to achieve their goals. They will bundle some monitoring software into the application software by bundling. These monitoring software takes up a lot of memory and consumes a lot of traffic. Once they are used for a long time, they will cause inexplicable costs and traffic in their mobile phones.

after looking at the situation of being “monitored”, did everyone become very nervous? In fact, there is no need to cause a high degree of panic. After all, there are only a few cases of “monitoring” and causing losses by illegal elements. In case of any of the above situations, the first thing we should do is to turn off the mobile phone and then take it to the repair shop for inspection and repair. If you are really worried, you can also directly change your mobile phone and number. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia