Endurance test coming! Apple iPhone12 series heavy load is not suck up, all depend on optimization.

believes that many people are concerned about the game experience of apple iPhone12 series. In fact, there is absolutely no room for Tucao to make complaints about fluency. And the control of fever is also good. What’s more, it has cured many users who are not able to return with high refresh rate. However, as part of the experience, the endurance situation is not mentioned too much, mainly because there is no special authoritative test method and there are many interference factors. What can we do? It’s better to have relevant data. < p > < p > the famous evaluation organization phonearena has launched the test of Apple’s iPhone 12 series, including Apple’s iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 models, and compared the test results with many other models. This test is relatively detailed, including web browsing, video playback and 3D games. It is basically equal to the test under light, medium and heavy loads, so it can more clearly reflect the performance of mobile phones in different environments. < / P > < p > first of all, in the case of web browsing, the performance of Apple’s iPhone 12 series is really good, with a maximum battery life of 12 hours and 40 minutes. You know, the battery capacity of this mobile phone is less than 3000mAh, which has completely defeated a large number of Android phones with large batteries. This should be regarded as the embodiment of Apple’s IOS strength. The reason is not hard to know, apple mobile phone is a single task operation, and Android phone is difficult to ensure that the background is clean. < p > < p > but if the performance requirements of a single task increase, Apple’s iPhone 12 can’t stand up to it. In continuous video playback, the battery life of Apple’s iPhone 12 series is directly reduced by half. This is because video decoding requires continuous CPU operation, which cannot be optimized. It can only be carried by battery life. Therefore, Apple’s short board with small battery capacity appears. < / P > < p > when running 3D games, the CPU and GPU of Apple’s iPhone 12 are in full fire state, and the duration of video playback is reduced by half. At this time, compared with the duration of browsing the web, it can only reach a quarter of Shu Yiping. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S20 has a very slow decline, which is due to the fact that power consumption cannot be optimized.

concluded that due to the influence of battery capacity, the suck up of apple iPhone12 will be more and more useless in practice. When the light load is used, due to the small computing load of the chip and the good control of the background program, it can be concluded that the battery life level of Android phone is close to or even better than that of the large battery Android phone. Of course, this comparison is not significant, because IOS and Android are two different user groups and will not switch easily for some reasons. However, Apple’s iPhone 12 series is not as good as its iPhone 11 series in heavy load endurance. This conclusion is worth referring to. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia