“Engineering students” romantic Baidu brain language and knowledge technology summit sends you an invitation to attend the meeting

Language and knowledge technology is the key technology leading to machine cognitive intelligence, which is very important to the development of artificial intelligence. On August 25, Baidu will hold a language and knowledge technology summit with the theme of “mastering knowledge, understanding language and possessing intelligence”. Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng will share Baidu’s technological innovation and industrial practice in the field of natural language processing, and think about technological changes and development trends with colleagues from all walks of life in industry, University and research. At the same time, the summit will release Baidu’s latest language and knowledge platform and products, and jointly release the open source data co construction plan for Chinese information processing jointly with China Computer Society and Chinese information society. < / P > < p > as the “leader” in the field of language and knowledge technology, what surprises will Baidu NLP bring in this heavyweight summit? Xiaobian is here to “disclose” in advance! < / P > < p > this summit will bring unprecedented and comprehensive sharing of Baidu language and knowledge technology achievements, including knowledge map, language understanding and generation technology and application system. It will reveal a series of first-time heavyweight new products and product upgrades from the important directions of semantic understanding, language generation, dialogue and translation, so as to provide important support for the intelligent transformation of developers and enterprises Hold on. In view of the recognized problem of lack of data and computing power in the process of language and knowledge technology research and development, Baidu will jointly release the data co construction plan with industry authorities and universities, and will also release the computing power support plan to provide the driving force for promoting technological development and industrial innovation in related fields. < / P > < p > in the AI field, Baidu’s technical strength and talent reserve are obvious to all, and it is in the forefront of China’s and even the world’s science and technology enterprises. In 2010, Dr. Wang Haifeng, a famous expert in the field of natural language processing, joined Baidu and established the “natural language processing Department”. Since then, baidu NLP has gathered a large number of AI talents with solid technical strength and practical experience. At the meeting, baidu NLP will be introduced to the industry for the first time. < p > < p > Baidu has become the top Chinese power in the field of natural language processing in the world. In the past decade, baidu NLP has made great achievements and has been widely recognized. Baidu has won dozens of domestic and international authoritative awards in the field of natural language processing, applied for thousands of patents and published hundreds of high-quality academic papers. It can be said that Baidu’s language and knowledge technology achievements make China’s AI’s international influence continue to expand and have more discourse power. On August 25th, it is a Valentine’s day to promote the development of Chinese intellectual industry and society. This belongs to the “engineering students” romantic, you heart? Now, go to the official website of Baidu language and knowledge summit to learn more about it! In addition, “geeks” who want to know more about the latest development of Baidu NLP technology can also participate in the open class after the meeting. There will be three live broadcast sessions. We will be there! 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!