Enjoy high definition rapoo C260 computer HD camera launched

At present, it can be said that it is an upsurge of live broadcasting. There are a large number of live broadcast, game live broadcast, goods live broadcast, food live broadcast and so on. An automatic focusing high-definition camera with microphone is an essential tool for the anchor, which can make the host and the audience enjoy the happy interaction. Recently, rapoo rapoo, a leading domestic peripheral brand and listed company with great strength, has launched C260 computer HD camera, 1080p autofocus HD image, 95 ° ultra wide angle lens, dual noise reduction microphone, 360 ° horizontal rotation lens, etc., which will open a frenzy of direct broadcast interaction. < / P > < p > C260 adopts a high-sensitivity chip and a precise lens. It supports a resolution of 1080p with a maximum frame rate of 30 frames. It can intelligently adjust the frame rate and resolution according to the ambient light. It can focus quickly and automatically. It can also provide clear and fine images in the environment with insufficient light. < p > < p > C260 has a large wide-angle lens of 95 ° to shoot, with a wide field of vision and restore the real scene. It also has a high sensitivity omnidirectional dual noise reduction microphone, and the range of reception is about 3 meters, so that you can have a clear voice interaction and have a pleasant interactive experience. < p > < p > C260 is compatible with windows, Mac OS and other mainstream computer systems, tiger teeth, Betta, B station and other major live broadcast platforms, without software, plug and play. In addition, it can rotate 360 ° horizontally freely, and the angle of view can be adjusted freely in a specific angle. It can give you multi angle live broadcast to meet your different view composition. < / P > < p > at present, there are various sizes of monitors on the market, and the adjustable base of C260 can be perfectly adapted. Whether it is placed flat or hanging, it can be as stable as Mount Tai. It can also be used with triangle support to carry out vertical screen live broadcast to meet various needs. The anti-skid silicone design of the base effectively protects the camera and equipment from scratches. The five layer coated lens can effectively improve the transmittance and image quality, and restore more realistic colors. Anti interference protection magnetic ring, effectively reduce signal interference. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!