Enjoy the space view comfortably? Interior design of Virgin Galactic open spacecraft

Beijing, July 30 (Xinhua) according to Hong Kong reports, 28 local time, Virgin Galactic company of British Virgin Group disclosed the cabin design of its commercial spaceship “spaceship 2”. The spacecraft has six seats and a specially designed “space mirror” to provide passengers with a space travel experience.

on July 28, local time, Virgin Galactic released a concept map showing the design of the interior cabin of the suborbital vehicle “spaceship 2”. In addition to highly customized seats, the cabin also has 12 hole windows for space passengers to enjoy the cosmic scenery.

it is reported that the spacecraft will be launched from the “space port” in southern New Mexico after it is put into service, and it can carry six trained passengers each time, and the voyage lasts 90 minutes. Passengers can take a spaceship to the altitude of 97000 meters and view the whole earth through 12 round windows. Each window in the cabin is equipped with a camera to take pictures with the earth.

when the spaceship reaches the highest point, weightlessness will appear in the cabin for a short time. At that time, passengers wearing spacesuits can leave their seats to experience weightlessness and enjoy their own floating wonders through the large “space mirror” equipped on the rear bulkhead of the spacecraft.

Virgin Galactic said in May that the suborbital spacecraft “spaceship2” had another test flight and planned to launch a commercial manned space flight.

Virgin Galactic confirmed that the spacecraft still needs permission from the Federal Aviation Administration before it can be put into service. Virgin Galactic’s director of Space Affairs, Mr. Whitesides, revealed that each space experience costs $250000 and 600 customers have signed up. He said the price is expected to be lowered in the future, so that more people can experience space tourism.

Author: zmhuaxia