Ensuring iPhone 12 capacity: Apple requires TSMC to guarantee 5nm A14 supply first

According to the signals released by apple in the previous quarter’s earnings meeting, the release of the iPhone 12 series will be postponed to October this year. However, it is reported that the iPad, apple watch and others may appear in September as scheduled. < / P > < p > there are various analyses and conjectures about why the iPhone 12 was delayed, including the impact of the epidemic on the R & D and testing progress, the delay in the supply chain preparation and delivery, and the difficulty in designing 5g antenna. According to industry sources, Apple has urged TSMC to give priority to the supply of 5nm A14 processors to protect the iPhone 12 series. < p > < p > because Huawei was sanctioned by the US and the 5nm Kirin list was affected, theoretically, TSMC’s 5nm capacity should be less tense than before. However, it was previously reported that Samsung’s 5nm yield was not high, which led to the order of snapdragon 875 entrusted to TSMC. At the same time, because of the 7Nm delay problem, Intel also needs to outsource some components of Xe GPU. From the perspective of process level, TSMC’s 5nm should best meet the demand. Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia