Entrepreneurial tutor Jiang Hao: to start a business, you should learn to start with making small money

It’s not easy to make big money, but it’s not hard to make small money. Don’t disdain to make small money, because making small money also needs ability, which is the “basic skill” to hone the ability to make big money. ——Jiang Hao < / P > < p > “to be small, broad and big” is a common means for small business operators. Some people want to get rich. When they disdain to make small money, they just want to make big money. As a result, they “lose both sesame and watermelon”, and they don’t make big money or small money. < / P > < p > in Sacramento, California, USA, there is a music year named Ge Qi, who sells household products and communications. First of all, he published his advertisement of “one dollar goods” in the first-class women’s magazines. The manufacturers he advertised were all famous and big, and the products he sold were all practical. About 20% of the goods were purchased for more than one dollar, and 60% of the goods were purchased for just one dollar. So as soon as the magazine came out, there were so many orders that he couldn’t breathe. < / P > < p > he doesn’t have much capital, so he doesn’t need money for this practice. If the customer remits money, he can buy the goods with the money he receives. Of course, the more remittances he makes, the more losses he will make. But he is not a fool. When he sends goods to customers, he will send 20 catalogues and illustrations of goods above $3 and below $10, together with a blank remittance slip. < / P > < p > in this way, although there is some loss in selling $1 goods, he is buying a large number of customers’ “sense of security” and “credit” with a small amount of goods loss. Customers will not be afraid to buy more expensive things from him. Expensive goods can not only make up for the loss of 1 yuan goods, but also make a great profit. < / P > < p > in this way, his business grew like a snowball. A year later, he set up an ab communication sales company. In the next three years, he employed more than 50 employees, and his business was booming. < / P > < p > his method of catching big fish has amazing effect. This gentleman had nothing at first, but he began to make a lot of money by making small losses. Within a few years, he established his AB communication sales company. At that time, he was just a 29 year old boy. < / P > < p > only by doing small business in a down-to-earth way can we hope to do big business. Only in this way can businesses have a solid foundation. If they rely on speculation, they will come and go quickly. Money is easy to earn and easy to lose. Therefore, in the beginning, we should not aim too far, but focus on the small. < / P > < p > I have such a recognition that I will face it with a more serious attitude whether I am working or investing and starting a business. If you have a serious attitude, you will not be careless in doing things, and things will be easy to succeed. < / P > < p > people who only know fur may earn fur money and lucky money. If they want to make a lot of money, they have to have a lot of professional knowledge. If it’s just half a bottle of vinegar, who would be so stupid to send money to you? < / P > < p > the so-called “make 10 million before the age of 30” can not be achieved by ordinary people, and this slogan will only kill young people. To make money requires “long-term planning”, which means not to make big money for a while, but to lay a solid foundation first. Once the foundation is stable, there will be development and money will be earned. You can give yourself three, five or even 10 years to build a foundation. The longer the time, the less pressure you have to make money and the easier it is to make money! As a matter of fact, people who really make money are all after 40 years old, which can be understood by careful observation. < / P > < p > it’s not easy to make big money, it’s not difficult to make small money. Don’t shoulder to make small money, because it is also tolerant to make small money, and this is the “basic skill” to hone the ability to make big money. Wang Yongqing was the first rice seller. How did he have Formosa Plastics kingdom in the beginning? There is another advantage of making small money, that is, small money will become big, and small money will become big after a long time! Don’t always think that you’ve made hundreds of millions in a few years. There’s no easy money in the world, otherwise everyone will be rich. Focus on the things in front of you, start with small things and earn small money. When your foundation is firm and you have a certain amount of capital, the day when your dream will come true will not be far away. < / P > < p > top level design of business model, equity design, Internet thinking marketing scheme, traditional enterprise grafting Internet, explosive product strategy design, brand promotion and positioning. To sum up, Internet thinking is used to solve the pain points of traditional enterprises. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list