Environmental protection is an excuse! Foreign media tear down Apple’s “cover up”, Xiaomi debunks iPhone 12 lies

As usual, the new iPhone immediately attracted the attention of Apple fans. The popularity of the iPhone 12 series can be seen in the long queue of physical stores and the addition of 2 million iPhones by apple. However, make complaints about the machine’s tucked sound. < / P > < p > the cancellation of the accessory headset and charger for iPhone 12 series has triggered a heated discussion among consumers, among which there is no lack of doubt and abuse. Many people believe that Apple’s move is just “environmental protection” as an excuse to cut leeks, which has harmed the interests of consumers. < p > < p > Apple’s idea of environmental protection is good, but the behavior of increasing the price and reducing the amount is actually a little unkind. The iPhone 12 starts at 6299 yuan, much higher than the 5499 yuan iPhone 11. Of course, the iPhone 12 has upgraded 5g and OLED screens, and the cost will naturally rise. < / P > < p > foreign media believe that, first of all, apple chargers are still in production, but will not be given away; secondly, the iPhone 12 has upgraded 20W cable fast charging, and the previous 5V / 1A charger is useless and needs to be replaced; finally, the type C interface data cable attached to iPhone 12 does not match the previous iPhone, so users need to buy a new data cable or charger. < p > < p > the words of androidauthority tear down Apple’s “cover”. Recently, Xiaomi’s move is in sharp contrast to apple, which has aroused praise from the public. < / P > < p > recently, Xiaomi announced on overseas social media that it would reduce the use of plastic in packaging by 60% under the condition that all accessories are complete. The first model to implement this measure is likely to be Xiaomi 10t Lite. < p > < p > Apple’s cancellation of chargers is more like a business than environmental protection. Users need to buy the charger separately, which will bring huge profits to apple and bring new growth point to the company’s performance. < / P > < p > there are many people worried that Apple may take more excessive measures after finding out the low line of consumers and tasting the sweetness. At the same time, if Android mobile phone manufacturers also learn from Apple’s “environmental protection” behavior, this is definitely not what consumers want to see. < p > < p > but judging from the popularity of the iPhone 12, Apple’s trial is very successful. Although the iPhone 12 does not have a charger and headset, there are still a lot of consumers rushing to buy new phones. This makes people have to be convinced by Apple’s strong brand influence and strong user viscosity. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year