EOS missed first train of defi

The wave of defi is still raging. According to the statistical data of DAPP total, on July 26, the total value of tokens locked in the form of pledge and other forms in each chain of defi projects was US $3.68 billion, an increase of US $951 million within seven days, with a growth rate of 34.9%.

the DFI project of Ethereum system became the biggest winner. The total lock up volume of makerdao, AAVE and compound projects exceeds 50% of the total market lock up value. Driven by this positive, ETH went out of the independent market in the secondary market, and the currency price rose by 32.86% in the past seven days.

Ethereum is surrounded by high light, and EOS, another big star, appears dim. On July 20, the defis project for liquidity mining on EOS came late and became hot for less than three days, and was forced to stop mining because of the loopholes in mechanism design. EOS is obviously lagging behind in this round of defi boom, and the performance of currency price is not satisfactory.

Fu pan, founder of tokenpocket, believes that the biggest problem of EOS at present is the lack of heavy core force, Block.one As an EOS foundation, there is little to be said about the help provided to the community.

compared with v-god and sun Yuchen, they are fighting for the ecology of their public chain, Block.one EOS users have accused them of “Inaction”; the ups and downs of projects such as defis have also left EOS applications with the impression that they can’t last three days.

in the past two years or more, EOS has not left much to the outside world except for a brief burst of gambling DAPP. The time left for EOS will be more urgent after the loss of “first bus” from defi.

at the end of June, compound, which was built on the Ethereum network, set off a fever wave of defi’s currency issuance by exploiting its liquidity; then OIKOS quickly completed the layout in the wave field, catching up with this wave; while EOS, once regarded as the future of the public chain, was slightly silent in this upsurge.

on July 20, EOS finally ushered in the first liquidity mining project of “new defi era”. The project side seems to want to be an integrator, and various mainstream functions in the decentralized financial field appear in the project agreement.

there are many integration functions, but the essence of defis is is the same as compound. As long as users deposit EOS or other currencies in defis for market making, they can dig up token DFS and get transaction fee dividends. The launch of defis successfully attracted market attention. Two hours after the project started mining, its trading volume reached 1.4 million EOS, equivalent to about 25 million yuan.

newdex showed that the DFS token rose rapidly on the same day, doubling from 0.5eos to the highest 1eos. Users who participated in the project named it “Dafengshou” and regarded it as the defo star on EOS.

but the good times are not long. The crazy defis has attracted a large number of “scientists”. An EOS senior user told honeycomb finance that “scientists” refer to people who use programs to mine unlimited resources by using rules or loopholes. “By creating air currency transaction pairs, they can mine one-way mines. They can dig DFS only by consuming air currency service charges. This means that mining has no cost and only needs to pay CPU. ”

scientists quickly collected wool and sold tokens at no cost, resulting in a rapid drop in DFS. On July 20, DFS fell as low as 0.03eos, down as much as 97% compared with the high of 1eos. The currency price of DFS finally closed at 0.168eos on the same day.

although the later project policy has adjusted the rules for loopholes, defis has become a machine for “scientists” and speculators. In the early morning of July 22, the project side announced that DFS would suspend trading and mining, and the token distribution rules would be re formulated. “After team discussion and decision, lie flat and admit defeat” has become an official self ridicule. [FIS]
thinks that there are some problems in the development mechanism of “star 888” and “star profit” in the development cycle. “If it imitates the Devi of Ethereum, it will have no problem, but it is afraid that it wants to include all the functions of some of the most popular defis on Ethereum, and its pace is getting bigger. ”

has EOS users make complaints about social networking platforms. Many of EOS’s projects are a wave. Whether it’s betting Dapp or the empty Eidos before, the heat is always coming and rushing.

according to data from dapppreview, on July 26, the projects on Ethereum main network occupied the top 9 places in the ranking of 24-hour transaction volume of defi projects; only iBank project on EOS ranked in the top 10, with a 24-hour trading volume of only more than 40000 US dollars, which was a fraction of the total volume of US $650 million of champion compound.

the difi projects on Ethereum are in full bloom, and we can see that EOS is ordinary. What happened to EOS, once a star public chain?

July 24, EOS.io Core team Block.one Brendan Blumer, CEO of EOS, said on twitter that EOS has great performance and a high-quality developer community, “EOS is the most powerful public chain of defi. ”

BB first publicly make complaints about the DeFi plate on EOS, and seems to want to inject strong heart into users. Unfortunately, it brings market Tucao. A user who has just sold EOS said that neither BB nor BM seems to have any intention of promoting the further development of EOS. “After raising $4 billion, they just issued a coin and provided a blockchain system. Other things are almost ignored. ”

there are many similar voices, including developers who build applications on EOS Block.one The long-term loss of position in promoting ecological development has resulted in the slow development of EOS. In contrast, both Ethereum founder V Shen and BoChang founder sun Yuchen will be the project ecology or put into action, or run to cry.

as a senior EOS ecological project provider, Fu pan, founder of tokenpocket, believes that the main problem faced by EOS at present is that there is no heavy core force to promote it Block.one Regardless of the EOS community, super nodes are basically controlled by the exchange. They have no driving force to promote business, which is a blood sucking role.

Fu Pan said that the evaluation of EOS needs to be “viewed separately”. In his opinion, BM and Block.one The main idea is that eosio, a blockchain solution, does not make a great contribution to the main network and community of EOS. The current EOS ecology is basically built by community developers, which can be understood as more decentralized. But decentralization often has one drawback – it is not efficient enough.

throughout the development history of EOS, in June 2018, its main network line, with the slogan of million TPS, took on the expectation of the outside world for “blockchain 3.0”. However, for more than two years, EOS only broke out at the end of 2018 due to the popularity of gambling DAPP, and then fell into the situation of tepid.

in June last year, the progress of EOS at its first anniversary conference also disappointed the outside world. Only half an hour after the launch, the most striking one was voice, the official social platform launched by EOS. More than a year later, voice has not really been popularized. Some people commented that “voice did not send out voice”.

the lack of ecology is directly reflected in the currency price of EOS. Non small data shows that EOS has risen only 4.04% this year. In contrast, Eth and TRX performed significantly better, with the former up 132.63% and the latter 40.96%.

the KOL owners of the EOS community believe that most of the EOS supporters have invested in it Block.one However, both in code contribution, story telling, and even community governance, the project side has not been satisfactory. He takes the game theory of “smart pig game” as an example. If the pig shakes the bell and does not run back to the rice trough, the rice will be eaten by the big pig; if the pig goes to shake the bell, the pig can eat half of it with the pig after running back. “Now the project side’s choice is that the big pig is not willing to shake the bell, and the pig is starving to death. ”

the lag of EOS in this round of defi boom makes ecological builders a little powerless. Fu Pan said that the performance and infrastructure of EOS is not a big problem. The key is that there are several teams in the main network of EOS, which are slowly pushing forward, “the strength is still weak.”.

the poor market performance erodes the confidence of EOS holders. Especially against the background of Ethereum, the “children of others”, EOS does not show the proper posture of “blockchain 3.0” in terms of ecological development and return on investment.

according to the statistical data of DAPP total, on July 26, the total value of tokens locked in the form of pledge and other forms in each chain of defi projects was US $3.68 billion, an increase of US $951 million within 7 days, with a growth rate of 34.9%. Defi is still warming up, which means opportunities are still there.

Fu pan believes that the high performance and decentralization of EOS enable it to better undertake the “spillover” of the defi project on Ethereum. Because the wave field was prompted by sun Yuchen about the OIKOS risk event, many project owners did not dare to go to wave field development. Next, developers did not rule out that they preferred EOS.

on July 22, defibox, an EOS profi application platform incubated by newdex, was officially launched. At present, two protocols, namely, swap flash cash and USN stable currency, have been launched. It is reported that defibox will open swap for market mining in the near future. In addition, tokenpocket also revealed that it will launch a synthetic asset class of defi products in August.

according to dapppreview data, on July 26, defibox’s 24-hour trading volume was 38000 US dollars, ranking 11th among all the defi projects. Considering that it has not yet started mining, its ranking is expected to rise in the future.

in fact, as early as 2019, some developers have deployed defi on EOS and launched eosdt, pizza and other projects, but they have been tepid. Liquidity mining has opened up new ideas for them, “new defi” has become the target of the market. DFS, which was in a hurry to start, didn’t shoot this shot well, but the influx of traffic showed that the projects on EOS had heat potential.

in order to catch up with the pace of development of EOS ecology, Fu pan believes that the foundation needs to solve some core problems. For example, we should provide more public nodes to reduce the time cost for developers to start nodes and attract more developers to come in; we should also promote the exchange to support eos-usdt, promote the issuance of usdt on the EOS chain, and let more usdts enter the ecosystem; in terms of funds, it supports the existing projects on EOS and new projects willing to develop on EOS. “Ethereum has invested a lot of money in the early stage To promote ecological development. ”

in addition, Fu pan also called on EOS projects to concentrate on developing good products, instead of being impatient.” in fact, many of the defi projects on Ethereum started in 2017. “.

in Fu Pan’s view, EOS is a good smart contract platform, which is decentralized enough and gives the project side more freedom to play. Facing the current low point, he hopes that the outside world can look at it objectively. After all, Ethereum has developed for many years, with a lot of accumulation, and the ecology is relatively perfect. However, the EOS has only been running for two years, and the ecology is still under construction.

obviously, both Block.one As the builders of EOS ecology, they should learn from the “loss of voice” of this wave of defi. For young EOS, whether it can adapt to the market hot spots and make timely adjustments or even make innovations will be the key factor for whether it can pull back a game.

Author: zmhuaxia