Ericsson and ELISA jointly build the first 5g independent website in northern Europe

Ericsson and the leading Finnish network operator ELISA jointly built the first end-to-end 5g independent group website in Finland, creating more new opportunities for Finland. This landmark technological breakthrough is the first in northern Europe, which means that consumers and corporate customers will be able to obtain more advanced 5g use cases. The first 5g independent networking in northern Europe adopts a variety of products and solutions from Ericsson’s 5g product portfolio. “ELISA started testing 5g technology years before the launch of 5g technology in 2019,” said Kalle Lehtinen, chief technology officer of ELISA. Now, we are working hand in hand with Ericsson to look forward to 5g’s future. Although this is only a pilot project, it is a big step towards a faster, more reliable and more efficient 5g network, and our customers will benefit from it in the near future. ” < p > < p > 5g independent networking will make it possible for applications requiring ultra-low delay, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, intelligent factory, Internet of vehicles, etc. With ultra fast response time, the speed of 5g independent networking equipment connecting to 5g independent network is 6 times faster than that of equipment running in non independent networking mode. This will not only provide users with a better experience, but also bring more innovative new opportunities at the industry level. “ELISA and Ericsson have been working closely together to create a sustainable, connected future,” said Jenny Lindqvist, Ericsson’s head of business in North and central Europe. As a trusted partner of ELISA, we are very pleased to continue our journey of collaboration, using superior network connectivity technology to serve 2.8 million customers of ELISA and innovate through our leading 5g product portfolio. The low latency advantage of 5g network will be enhanced by 5g independent networking, and we will launch more solutions with ELISA to change the society and industry. ” < / P > < p > in June 2019, the full-scale 5g commercial deployment of ELISA officially began in Finland. After the Finnish government decided to allocate frequency bands to 5g networks, ELISA was able to use Ericsson’s leading 5g product portfolio to pave the way for the development of 5g technology in Europe. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia