Establish and improve the “bottom line rules” of 360 major illness financing, water drop financing and relaxed love fund raising, and sign the industry self-discipline convention 2.0

On August 18, 360 major illness fund, water drop fund, relaxed fund and love fund signed the self-discipline convention 2.0 of the Internet service platform for personal serious illness help seeking, and issued self-discipline initiatives to all platforms. The relevant person in charge of the office of self regulatory convention made the above introduction. < / P > < p > it is understood that the self regulatory convention 2.0 signed this time is the first time to upgrade and improve the self-discipline convention, aiming to promote the healthy and orderly development of the Internet help seeking industry for personal serious diseases. In 2018, three platforms such as shuiditiao signed the self-discipline convention, and 360 major disease care, as a new entrant, joined it. < / P > < p > the reporter learned that there are 42 articles in the upgraded version of the self-discipline convention. In addition to the original provisions that the platform should advocate the connection between individuals seeking help and public charitable organizations, strengthen the pre audit of help seeking information, build a help information publicity system, resist rumors and speculation malicious acts, and establish a blacklist of dishonest fund raisers, the upgraded version should fulfill the obligation of information disclosure for individuals seeking help The problem of easy not in place increases the supervision obligation of the platform, and in the use link after the fund-raising, it increases the restrictions on the objects of the relief funds to ensure the safety of the funds and meet the donation wishes. For those with high quota and lack of information publicity, funds should be allocated to medical institutions as much as possible, or in batches, so as to ensure that they are used for medical purposes as much as possible, so that the donors and the public can rest assured. < / P > < p > the amount of fund-raising through the platform has always attracted much attention. In order to reduce the capital risk and avoid the large loss caused by the excessive amount of single help seeking, the upgraded version of the self-discipline convention limits the amount of single help seeking to 500000 yuan. For those over 500000 yuan, the platform’s prior audit is increased. The upgraded version of the Convention stipulates that if the amount of a single call for help exceeds 500000 yuan, the sponsor shall submit a written certificate from a medical institution with relevant qualifications, which shall be reviewed and publicized by the platform to initiate a fund-raising link; if the amount of fund-raising for a second time exceeds 500000 yuan, the sponsor shall submit a list of medical expenses. According to the upgraded version of the self regulatory convention, the platform should clearly limit and audit the recipients of personal serious illness help seeking projects. The payee shall be the person seeking help or his / her guardian, close relatives or medical institution. For projects with an actual raised amount of more than 300000 yuan or an actual raised amount of more than 50000 yuan and incomplete information publicity, the platform should actively connect with the medical institutions, directly transfer the funds raised to the patient’s hospital account, or the sponsor and the applicant should provide the expected medical plan, medical expense list and other materials, and then transfer funds in batches after the platform reviews and publicizes them. Due to the vast geographical area and large population, some poor families in remote and economically underdeveloped areas “become poor due to illness and return to poverty due to illness”. When family members suddenly suffer from major diseases and need to pay large medical expenses, the whole family is easy to get into a dilemma. In this context, the critical illness fund-raising platform came into being. With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology and the maturity of mobile payment means, the small-scale mutual aid behavior which originally existed only offline is widely spread through social network. Through mobile Internet, social network and mobile payment tools are used to help the patients and families in trouble. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, more than 5 million families have released information on personal serious illness help through the platform, and more than 2 billion people have responded. < / P > < p > with the expansion of the platform for help seeking users, as well as the limited human resources for platform audit and screening, and the lack of effective means to verify the family property status of the helpers, there have been some vicious competitions such as “sweeping the building to raise funds” and competing among different platforms for fund raisers. The upgraded version of the self regulatory convention also requires the platform to strengthen internal management, take practical measures to restrain employees and partners, and further establish and improve the “bottom line rules”. < / P > < p > at the same time, the self-discipline convention requires that the platform should give risk tips to the public, and publicize the charging items, standards and methods, rights and responsibilities of all parties, obligations and responsibilities and other information in a prominent position on the help page; the platform should timely publicize other important letters generated in the operation process, such as project completion degree, disease progress, response to complaints and reports, and use of surplus funds Interest. In order to improve the authenticity of personal help seeking information, the upgraded version of the self regulatory convention has added specific requirements for identity verification and real name authentication of sponsors and helpers. From the perspective of the platform, due to the large demand for personal help seeking for serious illness, the high complexity of family property status verification ratio, the improvement of audit mechanism and the whole process risk management have also become a focus of the self-discipline convention and proposal. It also emphasizes the implementation of “double audit” of machine intelligence and human engineering, highlighting the importance of AI and big data new technology in the application of critical illness help service Sex. For example, according to the relevant person in charge of 360 major disease research and development, the relationship network of fraud identification developed by 360 digital technology division covers 2 billion relationship nodes and 19.2 billion relationship edges. It uses artificial intelligence, cloud computing and social network analysis to enable online audit, build a risk management system of pre prevention, in-process control and post supervision, and realize the risk control of online big data and offline tracking Closed loop. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo