EU officials declare that Huawei can be replaced! The United States continues to vigorously push 5g alliance, Huawei’s 5g leading edge is suspended?

The reason given by the European Union is far fetched. It seems that it does not want to admit being pressured by the United States and that it does not want to be considered to protect local enterprises. Therefore, it finds out an abrupt reason: if Huawei from China is excluded for security reasons

now we understand that China’s rejuvenation is not easy, and we are more determined not to compromise with western hegemony! The west, which always calls itself “Lighthouse”, talks about fair competition in the market when science and technology are in the lead. When technology falls behind, it begins to “play tricks”. Trump, the current president of the United States, who is called “king of understanding”, should be the first to call out “Huawei 5g technology is unsafe”, but so far, the so-called “5g risk evidence” has not been provided! Therefore, we have seen the United States’ one-stop means to discredit and suppress China and the United States ~

the European Union has put forward the so-called security issues to stir up trouble, which can no longer be simply understood as avoiding upsetting China and the United States! You know, the German authority has long identified that “Huawei 5g has the lowest risk”, and it has been pulled out?
Huawei and Nokia 888 can provide complete solutions from Europe, respectively!

the EU official also revealed that ZTE, which is also from China, and Samsung, which is from South Korea, can only provide solutions for “some networks”! This makes the “global leading slogan” that SamSung of South Korea once called very embarrassing ~

some analysts also think that, in addition to Britain, which has left Europe, seems to cling to the United States, the existing 27 member states of the European Union have great differences. Although they emphasize that they are committed to adopting a reliable 5g solution, they also mention strengthening the EU’s 5g technology autonomy.

relevant people in the UK have mentioned that the United States is unable to find out the loopholes in Huawei’s technology, which may be another uncontrollable risk? Will Huawei’s 5g technology, which is 2-3 years ahead of the United States and 3-5 years ahead of Europe, lose control?

first, the European Union is worried about Huawei’s ability to provide continuous technical services. After all, even the leading and perfect 5g industrial solution has indeed created uncertainty of sustainable maintenance in the face of the containment and suppression of Trump’s “power to pour out the country”.

especially for the mass production of silicon electronic chips in the semiconductor field, Huawei’s “chip trump card” has been held down by the United States! Including Huawei’s high-performance 5g base station’s self-developed Tiangang chip, even if the two-year inventory can be guaranteed, what is the risk after two years?

second, the views of the EU as a whole may be inclined to its main member states. As the current rotating presidency of the EU, Germany has compromised, similar to the “drag formula” of Britain and France, which has already left the EU, so as to ease the extreme pressure from the United States. After Huawei
of the United States, the current president of Huawei
has been lobbying the United States for a time, but Huawei has not been able to face the global competition of American enterprises

third, the European Union may think that the United States has suppressed Huawei’s technology, and China has counterbalanced the new global pattern of the United States, which is expected to make a big turnaround for European enterprises? Through the gap of science and technology game between China and the United States, European enterprises will be pushed to the top of the industry.

this is very intuitive. Huawei has broken the U.S. monopoly of 5g standard formulation right, and Ericsson and Nokia in Europe are also under the pressure of Huawei. The upstream competition of ICT industry and technology enterprises between China and the United States has given European enterprises an opportunity to turn around. The EU believes that it is necessary to “identify and identify high-risk suppliers”. The high risks mentioned here are not necessarily technical risks There is also a great possibility that it implies the risk of market share: for example, worry that Ericsson and Nokia will be completely defeated by Huawei!

we should know that Huawei, which openly advocates learning from industry leaders, is stepping on lucent, Alcatel and Cisco of the United States Wait for a string of former monopoly giants! Since Qualcomm has lost its monopoly position, who can restrict Huawei’s technology?

Huawei is not a newcomer in the European market. It has been in the European market for nearly 20 years and has always been a reliable partner! Europe should have confidence in itself and its local enterprises, who are very good suppliers and operators.

the meaning of Huawei is also very clear. The EU should not worry about market monopoly. We should believe in the strength of Ericsson and Nokia suppliers and the technology control ability of local communication operators. Huawei provides the highest authority!

Huawei is the first enterprise in the world that dares to sign the “technology without back door” agreement. It also explicitly gives the highest authority of network technology and equipment to its partners. Of course, it is expected that the EU can understand these statements, based on the fact that the EU has no other intention

if the United States wants to occupy a certain key position in the 5g field, the most important thing to do is to strengthen the effective research and development of core 5g technology, instead of passively defending, trying to drag everyone to stay where they are, and destroying everywhere all the time ~

once again, US officials have revealed that the US Department of defense and the Department of transportation are worried about interfering with the US GPS Signal, although not in the same band as 5g network FCC officials want to push, but they can’t do anything about it!

this position expressed by US officials is completely consistent with what trump, the current US president, once said: “the United States has been ahead of others in 5g technology”!

the White House of the United States tried to dominate open ran, which is the so-called 5g open alliance of the United States; U.S. Secretary of state pompeio proposed ion, a simplified version of the alternative 5g alliance organization; the U.S. judicial department also put forward suggestions: acquisition of Ericsson and Nokia to fight Huawei ~

with Nokia, which has fallen behind both in technology and market share, to join the US Open ran alliance The ion that PEO has pushed seems to have nothing to do with it, unless Cisco also refused to buy Ericsson and Nokia, and said it was enough to do a good job in network equipment business At that time, the telecom infrastructure business sold by Qualcomm to Ericsson in Sweden was obviously not wanted by Cisco of the United States to take over the business at all?

one thing that needs to be clarified here is that the so-called 5g open alliance in the United States is openran, which is composed of Cisco, Broadcom, Intel, Google and Microsoft. It is known as “anti-5g monopoly” ~

so far, trump has publicly banned itself and claimed to allow Huawei to participate in the development of 5g standards in the United States, But no Chinese enterprise entered openran

China Mobile and Deutsche Telekom and other global operators have established an entity called o-ran in Germany, in order to get through the technical interface of operators in various countries and regions around the world. The U.S. openran monopoly alliance is not an o-ran cooperative organization!

with the help of Cisco, Broadcom, Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm, the so-called 5g alliance created by the United States is vigorously advancing! If Ericsson of Sweden joins the 5g alliance of the United States and hands over its underlying software and core hardware interfaces, Huawei will at least usher in an “extremely huge” ecological platform competitor after nearly a decade of advanced 5g technology advantage!

the development of China’s mobile communication industry has gone from 1g blank to 2G following, 3G catching up and 4G synchronization, until now 5g has been able to lead! And it is a comprehensive leader from technical standards, involving the underlying core hardware, to the ecological platform!

in the past, American and European enterprises mastered the upstream technical standards. We didn’t even have the bottom chip hardware in the middle reaches. We were completely ecological around the downstream application fields, just like doing a small business in the buildings provided by Europe and the United States ~

Huawei and other Chinese enterprises mastered the upstream technical standards, and developed a complete set of hardware such as bottom chips On the contrary, the industry has become an ecological provider and an ecological layer that is likely to be subverted. After all, the starting point of 5g ecology is the same ~

this will really drive the United States crazy ~ although Chinese enterprises have always advocated win-win cooperation, Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, even said that “the United States can license 5g technology from China”, but the United States, which has always dominated by technology, seems unable to accept Now, the so-called monopoly organizations in the United States are formed by the so-called “5g” alliance!

the United States requires Ericsson, Nokia and other suppliers to hand over their own network system software and hardware interfaces, get through the software and hardware agreements of different suppliers, and realize the modularization of the so-called 5g supplier’s technical equipment. Does that sound good?

sorry, Huawei and ZTE and other Chinese enterprises are not allowed to join. This openran organization’s so-called 5g open alliance will be directly handed over to the White House of the United States to lead.

the reason why Huawei’s 5g technology is 2-3 years ahead of the United States and 3-5 years ahead of European enterprises is not a single technology, but a complete set of 5g technology and industrial platform solutions!

Qualcomm participated in the development of 5g technology standards, but its 5g base station facilities were sold to Ericsson Sweden. Ericsson can build 5g base station infrastructure, but its 5g core standard technology is far from leading.

Huawei has not only mastered more than 3000 necessary 5g patents, but also high-performance network equipment matched with Tiangang 5g base station chip, Kirin chip and Baron 5g baseband chip on smart phones.

from technology to equipment, from infrastructure to terminal, Huawei is not only a leading competitor in technology, but also has created the ultimate industrial chain for many years, which makes the cost control of Huawei’s equipment lower!

openran, which is dominated by many monopoly companies in the United States, although it is under the banner of the so-called 5g open alliance, has actually split the core leading forces of Huawei and other suppliers. It is just a carnival of vested interests

for example, is it safer to use 5g base station and other facilities supplied by Ericsson of Sweden to transmit data through network equipment of Cisco in the United States and access to the open interface developed by many monopoly giants in the United States, is it safer than the integration of 5g technology and equipment of Huawei?

obviously, all this is for the continuation of the US technological hegemony! Science and technology strength means military leading guarantee, military strength means financial leading guarantee. Only when technology, finance and military dominate the United States, can we feel other countries’ technology security?

after the United States, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other European Union countries, all said that they would not exclude Huawei from participating in the 5g construction, although they changed their words later, they could not hide the embarrassment of slapping the United States in turn ~

maintaining mass production of high-performance silicon chips independently developed by Huawei may be the most difficult problem for Huawei Technology to solve at present Despite the news that Huawei will build its own chip processing production line, it may be the ultimate situation of “no way out”.

it is undeniable that the realization of chip mass production can make up for the biggest loophole, but this is a common problem faced by the whole domestic industry, and Huawei should not be required to be stripped of two layers of skin

Author: zmhuaxia